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Jonathan Cahn, AFA “Heresy” and the Harbinger: Mis-Understanding Israel & America

After posting an excerpt from a message from Barth Notes, (American Evangelicalism and the Hebrew Roots Movement) Michael was kind enough to pass on the link to a website which has posted an excellent critique  of Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Harbinger. From Ponderings of a Pilgrim blogspot; The AFA “Heresy” and the Harbinger: Mis-Understanding Israel […]

Texas Governor’s Upcoming Event Includes Cult Members

Marsha West has put together an excellent post. The many links included offer a well of information.  Personally, I’m glad to finally see someone nail the AFA (American Family Association). The AFA, as well as Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council are NOT Christian organizations. Perhaps one or both were at some point in […]

American Family Association Embraces “Seven Mountains” Theology

“For the last several decades the Church has operated from a belief that the more Christians we have in culture, the more society would become Christianized. Consequently, evangelism has been the focus of the Church for many decades. However, this premise is flawed. Culture is most defined by the influence of the 7 cultural mountains. […]

Marsha West responds to her article being removed from the AFA

You may recall the excellent article by Marsha West which was originally posted at the American Family Association’s website: Marsha West: (Part 1) Religious Right leaders have joined forces with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), and how it mysteriously disappeared after a couple days. It seems the mystery is solved. The author at as i […]

Pastors File Suit Against Hate Crimes Law

And why am I not surprised to see one of the divisions of The American Family Association involved. You know, the same org. which hosts the Christian radio program Focal Point: the same program who’s host recently suggested ‘active’ homosexuals should be placed ‘into Detox.’ From today’s Christian Post: Mich. Pastors File Suit Against Expanded […]

Sounding Off…(again)

Not only were his radio comments stupid, (I listened to the program) but more importantly he is making his argument by misinterpreting scripture: Posted by radio host Bryan Fischer, of American Family Association at the AFA blog: Focal Point: “a show that explores the intersection of biblical truth and public life.” I received a complaint […]

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