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Glenn Beck: “If America falls, it would take the world a thousand years to recover”

I detect the scent of American Exceptionalism  Source (with video) Glenn Beck interviewed Rep. Allen West on Friday’s radio program where the two discussed West’s bid for re-election in a tight race against Patrick Murphy, whom West dismissed as a spoiled rich kid who “has had his father pretty much give him and do everything […]

Board member at Rick Joyner’s Oak Initiative: Vote Romney Because He’s a Mormon

Some of the political endorsements coming daily now, are actually pretty funny. Case in point, As RWW has noted, most Religious Right leaders have cast aside whatever reservations they once had about voting for Mitt Romney, whose Mormonism many do not consider a Christian faith. Sure, they’d rather have a conservative evangelical or right-wing Catholic […]

‘American Exceptionalism’

CBN News takes on the topic in the article ‘American Exceptionalism’ Next Political Hot Button? Must say, over the last 8 years I have grown to hate the term. It now calls to mind an image of exaggerated self-importance, pride, and one who believes they “rightfully” deserve favor. Kinda reminds me of Lucifer. quote… Many […]

Rick Santorum, “History of the Crusades has been corrupted by the American left who hates Christendom.”

Rick Santorum launched into a scathing attack on the left, charging during an appearance in South Carolina that the history of the Crusades has been corrupted by “the American left who hates Christendom.” “The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our part is absolutely anti-historical,” […]

Does the USA have special favor in the eyes of God?

Interesting article and some interesting comments to the question. USA Today-Religion: quote.. Does the USA have special favor in the eyes of God? Republicans are making political hay by reviving this idea — as old as the first colonialists — that this is a land favored by the Lord with an exceptional destiny, according to […]

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