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Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s ‘Son of God’ Film

Just wanted to pass this along. Over the past few months I’ve been reading a lot about the Roma Downey/Mark Burnett film, Son of God, which is due out in theaters in about a week.  It’s really being played-up on a number of Christian websites as a “break-through epic film” for Christians and their families, […]

Has Jesus become just another lego block in your theology?

Amen amen…this newest post from Rick at Following Judah’s Lion is excellent… If you believe that the narratives contained in the Old Testament Scriptures are valid and at least generally accurate than you are faced with a problem. How do you reconcile the teachings and life of Jesus who was God in the flesh with […]

Charisma and Michael Brown “Missed the Boat”

Viewers who hear plenty of right-wing religious voices on cable TV might be surprised to know that the biggest problem facing America in the minds of many Religious Right leaders is that conservative preachers aren’t being sufficiently political or aggressive. That gripe is a major theme at Religious Right gatherings, and is repeated in a […]

The Continuing Metamorphosis of the One Called Jesus…plus

Hope you’ll check out this article by Rick at Following Judah’s Lion In my spiritual experience of almost forty years it has been gut wrenchingly sad to watch as Jesus the person and His message have been so changed and so altered in order to accommodate the fleshly desires of religious man. Some have made His […]

Let Him be Accursed…

(Yemi posted the link to the item on Liberty University’s website concerning Mormon Glenn Beck speaking at the schools commencement here) I had forgotten about the uproar at Pat Robertson’s Regent University in 07 after Mitt Romney was asked to deliver the commencement address, until seeing it mentioned at a news site. Some students and […]

Help! My Prayer Group Has Gone Flaky!

Though there are disturbing incidents pointed out in this article, I don’t agree with the author when she says all that is needed to correct them is to, establish biblical boundaries and acceptable corporate conduct The fact that she quotes NAR’s Dutch Sheets on “travailing intercessory prayer”, It is “a form of intercession that releases […]

John Hagee teaches “another” Gospel

You know, when a Preacher and Pastor no longer sees Jesus Christ as the only ‘key’ (or way) to salvation, they have left the faith and are teaching another Gospel. And what will the preaching and/or teaching of another gospel always produce? – *Another Gospel (will always lead to one accepting) Another Jesus and Another […]

Washington DC’s ‘The Family’

A year or so ago I came across information concerning this group located in Washington DC while researching something else, and found it fascinating;  Mainly because I’d never heard or read anything about it before. Its considered to be more-or-less a secretive organization, in as far as those outside its fellowship, know little about it–that […]

John Crowder and ‘Native Trance Holes’

Is this guy becoming more weird or what? I have never seen anyone which claims Christianity attempt to incorporate so many non-Christian religions and pagan practices into their weird mystical beliefs, as John Crowder does.  I’m not going to post this latest video clip, because to be frank I don’t want it here. But check […]

Heresy and Concession = Distortion Of Jesus

Excellent article by Benjamin B. Warfield – (Nov. 1851 – Feb. 17, 1921) Heresy and Concession In G. P. Fisher’s  History of Christian Doctrine there is a very suggestive passage in which he tells us how heresies usually originate, and gives us an insight into their nature. He says: When Christianity is brought into contact […]

Christians and Another Spirit

Just musing today.. A recent commenter asked ‘What has happened to Christianity in America?’… She’s not alone:  I hear that question in some shape or form almost daily from brothers and sisters I’m in contact with, and I’m willing to bet many of you have asked the same question, if only in your heart. Love […]

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