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Road to White House goes through Jerusalem

Always interesting to see how our government works. Most already know this but it’s handy to have it spelled out in black and white. Article originally posted at the Jerusalem Post, by Douglas Bloomfield. (Secondary source) Question: why would a well known pro-Israel/Christian Zionist website post this?  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker just returned from one […]

Academics call on State Dept to revise its definition of anti-Semitism, respect criticism of Israel as protected speech

Its about time. This has gotten so out of hand it has become ridiculous. The term itself, anti-semitism, has lost all meaning. If someone questioned you as to the meaning of the term, what would be your answer? From Mondoweiss May 18, 2015–An open letter signed by over 250 members of the Jewish Voice for […]

30 AD – 70 AD: “The Crimson Thread Remained Crimson”

Fascinating message from Adam at Pursuing Truth. Quote, In about 30 AD, Jesus said something to the scribes, Pharisees, and people of Jerusalem which must have been earth-shattering to His audience at the time: “See! Your house is left to you desolate” (Matthew 23:38).  This mirrors what happened in the days of Jeremiah: “I have […]

New Poll: Almost half of all Americans would support Israel even if its interests diverge from those of The United States

This latest poll/article doesn’t surprise me in the least, for we see it within our own Congress and Senate. Plus I have never forgotten Evangelical author and teacher Kay Arthur’s statement from yrs back, in which she said her loyalty was and will always be with Israel over that of the United States.  Still yet, […]

Meet Bibi’s New Friends: The New Apostolic Reformation

Interesting… Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been one of the most beloved Israeli politicians in the history of Christian Zionism. It has been a religio-political match made in heaven, with Christian Right leaders providing Netanyahu with money in Israel and political clout in the U.S., and the Israeli leader putting up with an Evangelical end-times […]


Interesting article and turn of events. It appears an Israeli “think tank” (Molad) has been quietly investigating the influence American Christian Zionist groups have had (and continue to have) on Israeli politics and politicians, and has now published a full report. quote, To many Israelis, the world of Christian Zionism is largely hidden from public view. […]


This will be concluded with Alan Morrison’s closing thoughts. This has been a lengthy essay, one I’ve only shared a portion of. Because I omitted entire sections, I encourage you, if time permits, to read it all. What I personally found of interest was the fact this was originally written in 1998. I can honestly […]

The Scepter Shall Not Depart From Judah UNTIL…

Adam has posted a wonderful teaching at Pursuing Truth Blog. Quote, Sometimes a whole lot of meaning is packed into one word. This is the case with the word “until,” where it appears in Genesis 49 in one of the earliest prophecies in Scripture. Jacob, later named “Israel” (Genesis 49:2), was the grandson of Abraham, […]

National director of the Anti-Defamation League rebukes John Hagee

From Religion Dispatches At the Zionist Organization of America’s gala Sunday night, Republican megadonors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson bestowed an award on Christians United for Israel founder John Hagee. In his remarks, Hagee called President Barack Obama “the most anti-Semitic president ever.” Chemi Shalev reports more details: The other stars of the night were the […]

Evangelical Christians come under attack as more move to oppose Israeli occupation

Interesting article today at Mondoweiss. If you’re not familiar with the blog, it is ran by a small group of (Jewish) journalists who stand opposed to many actions taken by the Israeli government. Today’s post appears to be written by guest author John Wagner. Quote, On October 26, 2014, the Jerusalem Post carried an article […]

The Palestinian Church

Source Sabeel Amid the ranks of Israeli military troops in this year’s annual Jerusalem March strode a colorful and vocal group of international Christian Zionists. Waving their countries’ flags, wearing their national costumes, and carrying signs in various languages, including Hebrew, they showered Israeli onlookers with blessings and greetings—with special praise for the heavily armed […]

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”

It’s become evident the latest attempt at what is known as the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” has failed, which I don’t believe surprised anyone. I want to share a short video clip from the organization, Jewish Voice for Peace which I came upon, posted at Gralefrit Theology blog. The video is only a little over 6 […]


The message quoted below appears at Charisma under the title; Christians Rediscovering Passover For Jews and Christians, the Passover season is a special time for reflection on the rich spiritual truths contained within this remarkable holiday. Indeed, we can all observe the command to remember the incredible Israelite deliverance from bondage in Egypt… For Christians, the […]

The Forbidden Topic…

A few days back I read a couple interesting news items back-to-back at Haaretz. The first one concerned how Israel is experiencing a time when their national unemployment is at a historic low (4.9%) – the second, on the same page, concerned how the US, is once again preparing to sign-off on a new MULTI-BILLION dollar “gift” […]

“We were a one-issue organization: Israel!”

This afternoon I came across this old article (from 2012) written by John Hagee and published as an op-ed at the Washington Post. That one statement from Hagee, chosen as the title to this post, really says it all, doesn’t it. What the CUFI organization, John Hagee, and Christian Zionist are all about. They are all […]

CUFI Fears it’s losing its Grip on Evangelical Christians

Interesting article in today’s Haaretz, and if it’s true, this is one Christian who won’t be shedding any tears… Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians, prompting a new struggle for the hearts and minds of younger members of America’s largest pro-Israel demographic group. While hard numbers are not available, evangelical leaders on both sides […]

Evangelicals who dissent from Christian Zionism wear ‘stain of indelible infamy,’ Israel says

Over the weekend I spent some time watching the reactions from Christians, both Christian Zionists and Christians who “dissent” where it concerns the theology concerning Christian Zionism, and thus ‘wear the stain of indelible infamy’, according to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  This all concerns a conference being held in Israel by a number of […]

The God of Christian Zionism

Been trying to tackle my mail this afternoon and came upon the link to an article by Stan Goodenough at Jerusalem Watchman: And I quote, To correctly approach, understand and respond to End of Days Biblical prophecy we should view it through an Israel-centric lens. All prophecies pertaining to the end of the age should be […]

From the Horse’s Mouth…

Update: Israel’s New Abortion Law: Happened upon an article today which touches on the pondering I did in the previous post concerning Israel’s new state-funded abortion law, At reading this latest story at a number of Israeli news sites this evening, I couldn’t help but wonder how America’s Christian Zionists will react to this news. […]

Response to a Christian Zionist

Today I received an email update from Jerusalem Connection which included an article written by avowed Christian Zionist Earl Cox–it was titled, Hope Filled or Hate filled? What is Your Dream? As I’ve learned, through trial and error, rarely do my comments ever get posted at Christian Zionist websites so I thought to reply here. […]

Netanyahu skips Mandela memorial. Israelis say ‘are you kidding?’

This week I’ve been following the story of Israel’s Prime Minister’s absence at Mandela’s memorial, made more ‘stark’ by the fact that leaders from most every Nation in the world did have important heads of State there representing them, and this author is correct: the comments under every article I’ve read at a number of […]

Unbelieving Israel – Victim or rebel?

Powerful message from Peter Cohen at Messianic Good News The Sunday Times published an editorial (17 June 2007) by the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Warren Goldstein, entitled, “Look again: Israel is the victim, not the root of all evil” (reposted here at The Jewish Federation of Pinellas Fl.). In the sub-title to his article Goldstein […]

Saddest Statement I’ve ever Read

Perhaps you won’t see the same degree of tragedy in this statement that I did…but if you have a desire to see all come to Christ, this should at least give you pause. In a recent article posted at Charisma concerning John Hagee (who, the article claimed was “arguably the face of Christian Zionism today”) and his […]

Hagee and David Reagan explain “why” taking the Gospel to Jews is a waste of time…

See article at  RightwingWatch: Hagee: Jews Will Make End Times Deal With The Antichrist

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas): An Example of Dispensational Theology & Christian Zionism’s Influence upon American Politics

From Nathan Pitchford’s article, The Threat of Christian Zionism If the phenomenal success of the bestselling Left Behind series indicates anything about the prevailing eschatological mindset across a wide swath of the evangelical landscape in modern America, then we would do well to pause and consider. Where is this fascination with the sensational, and frequently outright bizarre, […]

A Plea To John Hagee: Let My People Know

When checking out recent “inner” activity at the blog I noticed one of the posts had been linked to a message at One For Israel. The message was,  A Plea To John Hagee: Let My People Know. You can check out the website to read the entire article, which includes a video. quote, To share or […]

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