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NAR prophet Chuck Pierce gives ‘mantle’ to Mormon Glenn Beck

Nothing surprises me any more.  quote, On Sunday, Chuck Pierce–an influential prophet in the New Apostolic Reformation–presented a “new mantle for the future” to television and radio host Glenn Beck, a Mormon. The mantle was presented to Beck at Pierce’s Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas, during a church service Beck attended with his family. Some […]

Generals International: Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce

Yesterday, Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International hosted a special webcast with Chuck Pierce on their website that focused primarily on claiming that the BP oil spill in the Gulf is due to President Obama’s poor treatment of Israel. Jacobs explains that years ago Bob Jones prophesied years that following the death of Oral […]

Chuck Pierce is a nut + the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

“Mary ‘activated’ Jesus… she ‘activated’ His Glory…and Father agreed with her..” – Chuck Pierce, Go Beyond!!! “You put your right foot in, You put your right foot out; You put your right foot in…” Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

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*Link fixed* Chuck and Keith Pierce

Buckle Up: Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs Issue Word of the Lord for 2010

These are always interesting. After reading about the ACPE council meeting, (APCE, as in “The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders”) I was pretty sure they would be issuing a combined ‘word’ for 2010. Can you imagine what these meetings are like? All those self-proclaimed prophets (and overinflated egos) in one room. From the desk of […]

Chuck Pierce’s latest

Rebuke me if you must, but some of the statement’s in Pierce’s latest post at Charisma left me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. The title is “10 Key Revelatory War Points” quote.. We must meditate on what God says until the power of that revelation enters our bloodstreams and cell […]

Chuck Pierce, walking in ‘the sound’

More of the NAR’s Chuck  Pierce and his ‘prophetic words’ Which make no sense…

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