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The Tornado, a Sign?

Browsing around the blogosphere earlier today I noticed there was quite a bit of controversy and discussion going on among Christian bloggers, concerning Pastor John Piper’s latest post at Desiring God, The Tornado, the Lutherans, and Homosexuality. Below is the message by John Piper followed up by a few comments and/or observations posted by those […]

Charlotte Goes ‘Cow Tipping’

This young pastor makes some good points, don’t you think? Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick calls it the most ridiculous sermon series he has ever attempted. But he’s diving in to talk about what many churches aren’t. Titled “Cow Tipping,” the new series kicked off last weekend at the Charlotte, N.C., church – a church […]

The ever-controversial Rick Warren

Lots of controversy swirling around about this. I received Jan Markell’s letter this morning. Well, I’ve sat here for 10 minutes trying to gather something personal to say about this, but can’t. So I’ll just post the article and stay silent. CPost: Rick Warren Stresses Need for Christians to Build Bridges In the days leading […]

Sunday morning in megachurch America: The American Idol minor leagues

AHAHAH, now I KNOW I need to go to bed. I saw this breaking news headline at Israel’s Haaretz news: “Queen considering Jewish `American Idol` runner-up Lambert as front man”, and thought it was referring to “THE” Queen of England.  I spent 15 minutes searching the internet wondering what in the world Queen Elizabeth wanted […]

The Intelligence Update “Cover Sheet Fiasco”

I first caught this story over at the church of jesus christ blog yesterday morning; (Biblical Quotes Said to Adorn Pentagon Reports (Re: Religious War) and then watched a number of reports on the topic last night. Listening to the comments coming from news anchors and the usual talking-heads, left me feeling sorry for George […]

Burger King’s new ad ‘plus’ WND & Freedom of Speech

You may have read recently about the controversy surrounding BK’s newest TV spot which utilizes Sponge Bob and his trade-mark ‘Square-Pants’: Burger King Receiving Heat for ‘Highly Sexualized’ Kids Meal Ad “Almost 10,000 emails (9,800) have been sent by CCFC members to Nick and Burger King,” Josh Golin, associate director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free […]


You may recall the post last week based on Paul Proctor’s column, THE MISS CALIFORNIA CONTROVERSY. He came down pretty hard on Christians who were not automatically supportive of Carrie Prejean and her new role as a spokes-person for the National Organization for Marriage. Well, after further thought [and recent stories concerning photos] he has […]

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