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Zionist Christians’ war on the true meaning of Christmas

“The rhetoric of Christian Zionists consistently places loyalty to the modern state of Israel above the example and teachings of the Jesus born in Bethlehem whose birth Christmas celebrates. It’s time to stop calling such groups Christian Zionists and instead use the term Zionist Christians, to more accurately reflect their priorities” I agree with the […]

National director of the Anti-Defamation League rebukes John Hagee

From Religion Dispatches At the Zionist Organization of America’s gala Sunday night, Republican megadonors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson bestowed an award on Christians United for Israel founder John Hagee. In his remarks, Hagee called President Barack Obama “the most anti-Semitic president ever.” Chemi Shalev reports more details: The other stars of the night were the […]

CUFI Fears it’s losing its Grip on Evangelical Christians

Interesting article in today’s Haaretz, and if it’s true, this is one Christian who won’t be shedding any tears… Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians, prompting a new struggle for the hearts and minds of younger members of America’s largest pro-Israel demographic group. While hard numbers are not available, evangelical leaders on both sides […]

From the Horse’s Mouth…

Update: Israel’s New Abortion Law: Happened upon an article today which touches on the pondering I did in the previous post concerning Israel’s new state-funded abortion law, At reading this latest story at a number of Israeli news sites this evening, I couldn’t help but wonder how America’s Christian Zionists will react to this news. […]

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) – Where Your Donations Go…

Interesting article at Charisma: Where Your Israel Donation Really Goes  One of the ministries highlighted was John Hagee’s Christian Zionism organization, CUFI (Christians United for Israel), which surprised me actually, for Charisma has run articles and messages about and from Hagee for years. What surprised me was the article pulled no punches concerning “what” CUFI […]

Jewish Billionaire: U.S. Should Nuke Iran – How Should Christians Respond?

Below are two connected posts from Soul Refuge, posted today. Please read them… American-Jewish Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Tells Rabbi Shmuley Boteach That The U.S. Should Drop Nuclear Bomb On Iran American-Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson blasted President Obama over negotiations with Tehran, according to an article in the Jerusalem Post. NEW YORK – During a panel […]

Beck speech at John Hagee’s recent Washington D.C. CUFI conference

You know, what really floors me today isn’t that there are Glenn Becks out there, it’s the fact that those who listen to him and other similar voices, don’t care one iota if what they’re hearing is true or not. Guess what I’m really saying is few care about truth anymore. Is it like (as one […]

John Hagee recommends putting Jewish kids into Jewish schools so they’ll never want to become Christians

Some things almost leave you speechless… From Following Judah’s Lion Hagee, a major Daystar supporter and on-air personality, has consistently affirmed that he will not proselytize Jews, although the network’s lineup also includes “messianic” Jews with long pro-conversion records. When Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz, head of the anti-cult Jews for Judaism, raised this issue with Hagee […]

Christian Zionism in America: CUFI Claims Over a Million Members

Quote… Pastor John Hagee…recently boasted that his Christian Zionist organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), had passed the one million member mark. “Six years ago Prime Minister Netanyahu asked me if we could unite Christians in support of Israel. I told him I didn’t know. Having reached 1 million members, I think the answer is […]

Hagee Ministry Ambulance Displayed at CUFI Event in Jerusalem

 Pastor John Hagee led hundreds of followers and members of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) to Israel to show their political support and bless Israel. As part of the activities, CUFI members and other supporters gathered in central Jerusalem for a march and solidarity rally on the steps of Jerusalem’s city hall. During the gathering […]

Inside CUFI’s 2011 Washington Summit

I always look forward to reading the eye-witness reports at JewsOnFirst, concerning CUFI’s yearly Washington Summit. It makes for some very interesting reading, if you bear in mind this is not a Christian organization nor is the author a Christian.  Inside CUFI’s 2011 Washington “Summit”: Our eyewitness report on Christians United For Israel’s annual Washington conference quote… […]

Birmingham Seeking to Block John Hagee Rally

Interesting. Birmingham England appears none too happy with John Hagee’s planned visit.    Birmingham Post Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby has been urged to cancel a planned rally led by a controversial American pastor. Richard Burden (Lab Northfield) has written to Coun Whitby asking him to confirm whether the rally will be allowed to […]

Beck, Hagee, and Lieberman Band Together to Fuel Armageddon Panic

Interesting article by Sarah Posner but no surprise here. Well maybe one, that Rick Perry’s name wasn’t included in the title. After all he now considers himself a “Prophet”. (See video: Rick Perry Suggests He’s A Prophet) quote… Piling on to Glenn Beck’s scheduled keynote speech to the upcoming Christians United for Israel conference, and his […]

Beck and Hagee, a match made…. “somewhere”

Since reading that Glenn Beck’s Fox show was coming to a close (thank God) at the end of 2011, I’ve been watching to see where the winds of deception would take him next. It didn’t take long for him to land … Join us in Washington from July 18-20, 2011 for our sixth annual Washington […]

KY. Sen. Rand Paul vs John Hagee (CUFI)

After viewing the ABC Video clip; Rand Paul: ‘I’m Not Singling Out Israel’, it didn’t take a prophet to tell me we’d be hearing from John Hagee . quote… Tea Party-backed Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is calling for an end to “welfare” for Israel—and it’s caused an outcry among pro-Israel supporters in the Body of […]

Hagee Says Dividing Israel Is Not God’s Will; Evangelicals Disagree

It’s astounding how misinterpreting certain scriptures (in particular, Genesis chapters 12-13) can cause  an individual to become so mislead. In the case of Hagee, he totally ignores the new covenant. As John A. commented below: The old Dispensationalist of the Scofield Bible was so patently unbiblical it began to abandoned by the 1960′s or so. […]


I’ve been reading David Holwerda’s book, Jesus & Israel: One Covenant or Two, so this article concerning John Hagee, a dual-covenant proponent, caught my attention. (ht to Apostasy Watch). quote.. A Christian recently wrote to me asking for more clarity about John Hagee, whom I have called a heretic. Hagee has tried to defend himself […]

Karl Rove and Grant Jeffrey

Its interesting to watch all the pairing-up between politicians and so-called prophecy experts; But for whatever reason, this one struck me as particularly odd. Karl Rove, Grant Jeffrey Headlined Summit Hosted By CUFI Canada Co-Chair By the way, CUFA’s Washington DC summit begins this week (20th-22nd).

John Hagee wants to be the Comeback Kid

Interesting article at BuzzFlash: John Hagee Said God Sent Hitler to Hunt the Jews. Now He Wants to Be the Comeback Kid. The recent message by John Hagee, mentioned within the article, was emailed out from CUFI yesterday: Why Christian Zionists Really Support Israel a few revealing quotes… “As is the case for many Jews, […]

John Hagee: “Iceland’s volcano eruption resulted from Britain’s advertising standards”

I see false teacher and dual covenant theologian John Hagee is back in the news. Television and radio evangelist Pastor John Hagee believes the recent eruption of the volcano in Iceland stems from Britain breaking God’s covenant. The day after Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority said the Western Wall in Jerusalem could not be used in […]

Is this man and the movement he represents who you want influencing Israeli and U.S. policy in the Middle East?

False teacher John Hagee has been on a personal crusade this week, since the reported dispute between Israel and the US broke in the news. I’ve received a number of letters from him through his CUFI organization, proclaiming outrage (and asking for $$). Chaplain Mike, at InternetMonk, has posted an interesting video clip from a […]

How “Christian” is Christian Zionism?

Since Stephen Strang of Charisma Magazine, joined up with John Hagee and the CUFI organization this year, its been interesting to read some of the articles Charisma posts in their new Standing With Israel section. Not all of the articles are written by Christians, such as this one, (Who Crucified Zion?) written by David Brog, […]


Very interesting article and video. Devvy Kidd has written a commentary about the constant drumbeat to bomb Iran, which has been coming from certain groups for the last 4 years. And asks the question “Why?”. She includes the link to a video, “The Israel Lobby. Portrait of a Great Taboo”, which I agree, is a […]

Christian Zionists – USA

This report, produced 2 years ago [in 07] by ABC Australia and distributed by Journeyman Pictures, includes comments by John Hagee, Rabbi Block, and Christian Palestinian Ambassador, Afif Safieh, which makes for an interesting clip for someone wanting a look inside Christian Zionism in the USA today: particularly Hagee’s organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI). […]

Hagee’s Prosperity Gospel

Interesting eye-witness account by one who attended a U.S. Pastor’s Conference in Houston Texas, apparently today, with guest speaker John Hagee. Read closely and spot the false doctrine. Hagee’s Prosperity Gospel On July 27, 2009 the U.S. Pastor’s Conference, Houston version, met in a northwest suburb of the Texas city.  Meeting in an Assembly of […]

CUFI and Hagee, back politicking in Washington

Its that time of year again–time for CUFI and its leader, false teacher John Hagee to ‘alight’ on Washington DC. Many get upset with me when I refer to him as a false teacher, but any man who claims to be a pastor and preacher of the Gospel and withholds preaching that Gospel to a […]

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