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Christians in a Globalized World: Fear is Your Worst Enemy

Previously: (1) Saints in Rome. – (2) The Just Shall Live By Faith. –  (3) God’s Wrath on Rome. – (4) Moral Duplicity in Rome. – (5) Spiritual Disparity in Rome, (6) –Performance Based Christianity– (7) Justified by Jesus Christ Global Economic Crisis: Fear is Your Worst Enemy By Kato Mivule There is no doubt […]

Follow Up: Has evil become Christian Entertainment

Tim Challies has posted a follow-up commentary to last weeks post:  Evil as Entertainment (see, Has evil become Christian Entertainment?) Fighting Fire with Fire One analogy I opted not to use in Monday’s post was that of pornography. But let me haul it out now as I think it helps show what it is that […]

Has evil become Christian Entertainment? – Poll

Tim Challies posted some very interesting thoughts in a commentary Monday concerning Discernment blogs and/or websites and our interest in them. I’d like to hear any opinions and thoughts you may have on the topic, plus I’m going to add a poll. My blog isn’t a discernment blog/ministry: Though there are plenty of posts concerning […]

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