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Glenn Beck, Constantine and the Dead Sea Scrolls – Idiocracy

“….the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” Out of the mind and mouth of a truly, genuine madman… Glenn Beck, Constantine […]

More on Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley

There is more information posted by Rick Hiebert at Bene Diction blog today, concerning the recent post, Todd Bentley: High Drama at Morningstar. See, Did Todd Bentley have police shut up his critics? (Part 3) On another interesting note, Rick Joyner sent out a Special Bulletin today. Its interesting in its timing, which I’m sure […]

Todd’s new wife communicates with Oral Roberts

video: Todd Bentley Friday Night Revival at Morningstar What does the Bible say about talking to the dead? The Old Testament term for communicating with the dead is “necromancy.” (Deuteronomy 18:11, also read verse 10) It is forbidden by God: “There shall not be found among you… For whoever does these things is detestable to […]

Deceived (part 2)

HOW THE EVIL SPIRITS DECEIVE BY “DOCTRINES” How the evil spirits as teachers get men to receive their teachings, may be summed up in three specific ways: (1) By giving their doctrines, or teachings, as spiritual revelations, to those who accept everything supernatural as Divine because [it is] supernatural–a certain group, unaccustomed to the spiritual […]

John Hagee teaches “another” Gospel

You know, when a Preacher and Pastor no longer sees Jesus Christ as the only ‘key’ (or way) to salvation, they have left the faith and are teaching another Gospel. And what will the preaching and/or teaching of another gospel always produce? – *Another Gospel (will always lead to one accepting) Another Jesus and Another […]

You’re no longer “amusing” Kim Clement…

I’m finding it more difficult to laugh at this guy’s words. In the past most of them have been so ridiculous they were somewhat funny–and perhaps he’ll get back to just being ludicrous in the future. But some of the “thus saith the Lord’s” he’s been coming out with lately go completely against the commands […]

Father of ‘Reincarnated’ WWII Pilot Says Christian Faith Undeterred

What is Christianity + Reincarnation? What it doesn’t = is the Biblical Faith of the Gospel handed down by the Apostles. From CPost: The father of a boy who he believes his son was a World War II fighter pilot in “a past life”,  says his Christian faith has remained in tact despite his new […]

Rick Joyner and the doctrine of “manifest destiny”

In the last few installments of Joyner’s weekly Discerning the Times, he has been writing on the end times. To gain an understanding of not only Joyner’s beliefs and ideas on the topic but on those of his fellow NAR dominionists, you may want to peek in once in awhile. The newsest one, posted today, […]

Gold Dust (and more Crowder Mockery)

Below are links to John Crowder’s latest video clips from Indonesia. The one I’d watched prior to these today, was recorded in Korea; which shows his intent to spread this mocking blasphemous unclean spirit around the world. Gold Outbreak in Indonesia (John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn) Huffing Gold Dust in Indonesia! – Life of the […]

Maitreya Emerging, ‘shortly’ after Christmas

The world is ripe for Deception and a Grand Delusion. Whether this is ‘it’ or not remains to be seen: if not there will be one of like-manner emerging soon. Constance Cumbey (My perspective — What Constance thinks) had a few things to say concerning this latest press release from Share International, which was published […]


This was sent out this evening by Michael Boldea Jr. ** The general and his armies of darkness gazed upon the City on a hill with a burning hatred. The citadel had not fallen, the walls had not been breached, and it was not for lack of trying.

Watchmen on the Wall

This evening I came across a message I remembered reading back when it was first posted in 2004. It was impressed upon my spirit then, and even more as I re-read it again tonight. I have never witnessed a time more, when we need to be alert and watching, and when many Christians seem to […]

NAR Blasphemy, and Demonic ‘Ecstasy’…

HT to endtimespropheticwords, Winnie Banov – Mocking Ministry You may recall this ladies husband, Georgian Banov, who participated in the commissioning of Todd Bentley at Lakeland  back in June. These deluded people believe this is Holy Spirit produced “Ecstasy”. I also received notice today, of ‘mystic’ John Crowder’s new book coming out in December: The […]

The Year 2012: Wicca, and the “New Apostolic Government”

The Christian Post; While many Christians today are closely monitoring the growth and activity of Islam, especially after 9/11, another religious movement has been steadily growing “under the radar” and could become among the largest religions in the United States in less than five years. “Wicca is the fastest-growing religion in America, set to be […]

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