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Self-elevated Little Popes

Christian Research Network By A.W. Pink Biographer Iain Murray has said of evangelist and scholar A.W. Pink that “the widespread circulation of his writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century.” The teachings of Pink led to an increase in expository preaching and […]

A Message to His Holy Highness the Worshipful Bishop Rev. Dr. Apostle Grand Poobah

Love it!   From Lee Grady, I am often asked if I have a title, and my answer doesn’t satisfy some people. I travel a lot, so I don’t consider myself a pastor. All kinds of labels have been pinned on me: Reverend, prophet, apostle … even bishop. Once I was introduced to a church as […]

Speaking Without the Authority

Excellent message by JD Ellis at Endtime Delusion, Speaking Without the Authority In some Christian circles today it seems that the only authority needed to be a prophet of God is your own desire to be one. You just proclaim yourself a prophet, start a website with a prophetic-sounding name, and begin issuing messages said to be […]

Understanding The “Apostle” In The New Apostolic Reformation

This list of what qualifies one as a modern day ‘apostle’ (according to the NAR’s Peter Wagner) is interesting.  For all the recent talk about the New Apostolic Reformation, one of the issues that has largely gone uncovered is just what it means to be an “apostle” within this movement. I have recently been reading […]

Mitt Romney ‘Obviously Not a Christian,’ Fox Host Says

Mitt Romney is “not a Christian” and therefore he may not have a good chance of raising big money among Christians if Rick Perry runs for president, “Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said Sunday. The discussion on Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s possible run for the White House Sunday morning led Earhardt, Fox News correspondent […]

The power of the new media to manipulate & evangelicalism’s fundamental authority problem

The title may be a mouthful, but does raise some interesting issues. If you are a follower of Christ and are reading this (an internet user) then these issues do and will continue to affect you. Personally, I made the choice a couple years ago not to be swayed by the authoritative opinions made by […]

NAR Prophetess’s Inflammatory Comments on the Egypt Crisis

Cindy Jacobs of the idolatrous wall street fiasco is in the news. From Herescope, “Also, in looking back at the prophetic word for 2011 issued by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders…, I read the warning we issued which said that satan would try and start another third world war.” — Cindy Jacobs[1] “Satan is […]

Follow-Up: The Freedom Federations “The Awakening” Conference

Looks like the Freedom Federations “Awakening” conference, with its speakers from the New Apostolic Reformation, didn’t draw the ‘thousands’ they anticipated. Of course this was no deterrent to Cindy Jacobs and company. The circus carried on… quotes below are from an article at the secular news site, RightWingWatch The Freedom Federation’s “Awakening” conference convened at […]

Destiny Church, A Cult in the Making

This story at the New Zealand Herald brought back memories–none of them good. Before reading the story below check out the Churches website, and ask yourself, if you go by appearance only, does this look like a cult in the making  or a cult leader? Then come back and read the article below. Appearances are […]

Charisma: Joyner Launches New Dominionist Initiative

If Joyner’s “dominionist- Conquering the 7 Mountains” plan wasn’t spooky enough, seeing a huge banner at the top of Charisma’s webpage featuring Patricia King was. Joyner Launches Initiative to Bring ‘Profound Change’ MorningStar Ministries founder Rick Joyner has convened some 300 ministry leaders to help launch an organization aimed at mobilizing Christians to bring “profound […]

Spiritual Elitism

Good message by Bob DeWaay: How Colossians Warns Against Spiritual Elitism and False Spiritual Warfare Teachings I do admit to having a few names pop into my mind when reading this. If you’ve been following the teaching, preaching, and words coming out of the New Apostolic Reformation posse, and their hangers-on and puppets, I’m wagering […]

Cults and their Leaders

The cover photo from Time Magazine’s December 1978 issue is truly disturbing. Its a harsh reminder of a cult leader and many of his followers who took that last step from truth and reality, into the unthinkable. While most cult leaders may never reach that point, they are still just as dangerous. They may not […]

The 7 Mountains of ‘Babel’

The 7 Mountain Mandate promotes a false religion. Many bible scholars believe that the earthly location in which the roots of all false religions sprung up was in Babylon through Nimrod. One author believes: “This idolatrous religion culminates at last in the Bible in the book of Revelation. There, a “great harlot” appears, whose name […]


this is good!

Dutch Sheets, the USAR, 7 Mountains, & Pride and Deception

This may interest you. I received a letter this evening from the Dutch Sheets group, once known as the USAA (United States Apostolic Alliance) which now goes by the USAR (United States Alliance for Reformation), concerning their recent conference. Two things struck me while reading it–one being the heavy leaning toward the 7 Mountains of […]

The art of the apologetic non-apology

Good article tonight at Western Standard blog by Rick Hiebert. He presents some interesting ideas about what is going on behind the scene between Joyner and Wagner, concerning Todd Bentley. Quote.. It’s probably only a matter of days before Todd Bentley returns to working as an evangelist, according to a video update released by his […]

Todd’s Restoration is producing ‘miracles…’

So says Rick Joyner in the latest clip titled Todd and Ministry. According to Joyner, not only are miracles taking place but while Todd has been appearing in these restoration clips, he is experiencing ‘open visions’ and receiving ‘words of knowledge’…Plus, he’s laying hands on people. I have nothing to say…

Its ALL About “ME”

If you watch the latest clip posted today: Overcoming Shame and Grief – 4/7/09 – 10:31, you’ll quickly see it really is all about Todd. Narcissistic; –has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements, high ego) -is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success […]

Bentley/Joyner – “I call bullhockey on that statement…”

The title is taken from an observation within the review of the latest Bentley/Joyner video, posted tonight at Available Light on Line, (Christian Celebrity Repentance, Episode 6) and after watching it myself,  I concur. The only thing I would say differently is its all ‘bullhockey’. I’ve not been recommending watching these clips up until now. […]

The Government of Christ


NAR Apostle Claims Pastor Killed Was God’s Judgment for no Apostolic Covering

Some things just leave me speechless. quote… As many of you know, the Rev. Fred Winters was recently tragically shot down and killed while delivering a sermon at First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois. This incident is tragic enough news. However, a NAR [New Apostolic Reformation] apostle speculated to other apostles that being shot down […]

Trends ‘expected’ with the Full Restoration of Apostles and Prophets

Here’s one from the E-List for you to dig into. Its after 4am so I’ll toss my comments in tomorrow. The author of the list below heads up something called the Impact Network, and as you can see at his website, he works along side Wagners NAR network. Posted under “Our Vision”– To identify, develop, […]

Circus-Peanuts: Paul Keith Davis, Yount, Joyner, etc..

A few comments and recent quotes from what sadly passes as today’s Prophetic voices. DANCE OF THE APOTHECARY In a vision I saw the dance of the apothecary.  He was God’s perfumer, anointed by the Lord to make anointing oils.  He was a little guy, maybe 5′ 5″ and was wearing a leather apron. He […]

Dutch Sheets, new face of the NAR & info on the US Apostolic Alliance

Been wondering where all the members of the false apostle posse have been hold-up lately? Well, apparently they’ve been meeting behind closed doors, plotting, planning, and passing the mantel and crown of leadership on to Dutch Sheets. Mariam, at endtimespropheticwords gives this update today: Dutch Sheets in Driver’s Seat Of New Apostolic Reformation This latest […]

False Spiritual Warfare Teachings and Paganism

There’s not any doubt we’re seeing pagan practices within the Church today.The recent video clip from one of Rick Joyner’s meetings attests to that reality. Peter Wagner teaching Christians that they can obtain the power to ‘dethrone’ satan’s geographical territorial spirits, open spiritual portals, etc. is nothing more then a combination of mysticism and paganism, […]

C. Peter Wagner, the ‘Horizontal Apostle’

Apologetics Index sent out an update pointing to their newest article this evening: Its concerning Peter Wagner. There are some interesting links included, which may help someone in their own research. C. Peter Wagner is the former professor of Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission. He coined the term Third Wave. […]

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