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Why Do Glenn Beck’s “Fans” Hate Him So Much?

My O’ My….what an outstanding article this is! Why Do Glenn Beck’s “Fans” Hate Him So Much? By Rich Vermillion quote… An intriguing phenomena seems to be at work here. There are people who actually claim or allude that they are Christians — who also say that they “support” Glenn Beck and favor him and […]

Pastors Unite to Tackle Marriage Problem

The ecumenical movement is really making significant strides recently. Chuck Colson, of the Manhattan Declaration, appears to be leading the charge. Pastors across the country are repenting for the little they’ve been doing to address marriage needs in the church and are committing themselves to no longer stand idly by. Evangelical pastors, ministry leaders and […]

The Manhattan Declaration; Our Regretful Inability to Become a Signatory

Sent out by Moriel Ministries, J. Jacob Prasch and Scott Brisk. The Manhattan Declaration (Website; Manhattan Declaration Summary pdf; Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience (Full) pdf) is the latest bandwagon that a number of Evangelicals are flocking to due to the serious lack of biblical discernment that has become epidemic in the church. […]

Is there ever an exception?

A few years back I was asked by a young Christian couple how serious I thought the last day falling away would get before the end. I recall telling them to be prepared for anything. That before the apostasy is full we should be prepared, and not taken by surprise, even if a number of […]

U.S. Jews tell Catholics: We won’t accept Christ as savior

From today’s Haaretz and Associated Press: Major Jewish groups and rabbis from the three largest branches of American Judaism said Thursday that their relationship with Roman Catholic leaders is at risk because of a recent U.S. bishops’ statement on salvation.

George Barna, “Twinkle twinkle little bat”

Last month I posted on George Barna, (of the Barna Group/Institute) and his latest book, The Seven Faith Tribes, titling it Down the Rabbit Hole: Barna, America’s “Faith Tribes” Can Restore Nation. I still believe the Rabbit Hole expression fits what he is attempting to promote in his book: many religious (and non religion groups) […]

Christianity verses Conservatism

Is there a difference between the two, Christianity and what is known in the US as Conservatism, or in many circles as the Political Religious-Right? An excellent question, one every Christian who adds the tag conservative to a description of who they are, should ask themselves is: “Are they one and the same?” Just some […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: Barna, America’s “Faith Tribes” Can Restore Nation

And people have asked me why I’ve never given much credibility to the Barna Group polls concerning Christianity… This is a good one–good in good only for a laugh. Barna is getting ready to release a new book, “The Seven Faith Tribes”, in which he has written its time for the 7 major faith ‘tribes’ […]

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