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Obama Smallest Spender Since Eisenhower

I thought this was interesting. Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Marketwatch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Who knew? … It might have something to do […]

Both Rich and Poor, Benefit when a Government Respects the Rights of All

The Hebrews of early Old Testament times were governed by leaders of their twelve tribes, with a central leader over all the tribes. Later, kings such as David and Solomon ruled the Hebrews. In 587 B.C., Babylonian forces devastated Jerusalem and subjugated the Hebrews. Later, the Jews were ruled by Persia, Greece, and the Roman […]

US Senate rejects UN treaty on disability rights

Watching the news stories as this sad event unfolded, one thought came to mind; that being what a laughing stock our government has become to the world. Led by Republican opposition, the Senate on Tuesday rejected a United Nations treaty on the rights of the disabled that is modeled after the landmark Americans with Disabilities […]

Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital

We may believe every single moral decision is easy to make; that its simply making a black or white decision between right and wrong. We may also believe it’s the job of a government to enact laws concerning any/all moral decisions and to enforce those laws in order to, if necessary, make that right choice […]

Should Christians Force The Government To Serve As Their Savior?

I read this yesterday… By E.L. Beck Just as there is a wide swath of American voters who continue to believe that a single man in the office of the U.S. presidency can redeem the U.S. economy, so too are there American voters who believe the U.S. government can be a savior of the moral […]

‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’: Across the U.S. Pastors Say They Will Defy Law and Talk Politics

Nearly 100 pastors across the country planned to take part in Pulpit Freedom Sunday, an in-your-face challenge Sunday to what the government says can and cannot be said in church. The growing trend is a challenge to the IRS from the churches, and may jeopardize their all-important tax-exempt status. But some pastors and church leaders said […]

An interesting case of misapplying Scripture

The old movie ‘Its a mad mad, mad mad world’ popped into my head as I read Chuck Baldwin’s bizarre reasonings for why State secession is biblical. quote… “The right of State secession is rooted and grounded in the Word of God” Did the Holy Spirit not inspire the New Testament writer to say, “Now […]

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