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This is Not That: An Analysis of John Crowder’s “The New Mystics”

From Apostasy Alert, an interesting review by Jackie Alnor concerning John Crowders book, The New Mystics. This goes beyond being just a book review–its a look into the beliefs of the new breed and their mentors, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, Tommy Tenney, John Sandford, Heidi Baker, Mike Bickle, C. Peter Wagner, […]

The “Sloshfest” Ravers Who Get High on God

HT DefCon WILD-EYED and out of control, the clubbers flail wildly to a booming beat. With sweaty clothes clinging to their backs, some people even pass out. While this could easily be mistaken for a dodgy booze and drug-fuelled party, there is something very different about Sloshfest. The revellers are party loving Christians who don’t […]

Crowder’s Newest “Impartation” plus…

Received in my mail today… Glory in the Bedroom! Experiencing Sexual Freedom in Christ In this week’s episode of The Jesus Trip, John & Lily Crowder tackle some tough topics as they discuss freedom from sexual addictions, while explaining the Glory that is afforded to marital relationships. Need a fresh infusion of passion in your […]


John and Lily Crowder mocking God’s word written by Paul in 1 Corinthians 14: “Let all things be done decently and in order” – verse 40 Video: Decently and in Order – The Jesus Trip

The Squirrel Anointing

Can Crowder and the New Ecstatics/Extreme Prophetic crew get any more bizarre then this? quote.. This new manifestation which I picked up at the New Ecstatics is as beautiful as it is prophetic! Watch: The Squirrel Anointing AHA! Clip of the results of the Squirrel Anointing on ‘Squirrels’, (just think of what it would do […]

John Crowder and ‘Native Trance Holes’

Is this guy becoming more weird or what? I have never seen anyone which claims Christianity attempt to incorporate so many non-Christian religions and pagan practices into their weird mystical beliefs, as John Crowder does.  I’m not going to post this latest video clip, because to be frank I don’t want it here. But check […]

Joel’s Army: Dominionism, Militancy, & Heresy

Joel’s Army Teachings: They teach the deification of man and deny exclusive deity of God. Proponents of this teaching believe we will be as God and that this army literally BECOMES Christ! They teach and believe in the immortality and glorification of the elect “New Breed” or “Manifested Sons of God” aside from the literal […]

Gold Dust (and more Crowder Mockery)

Below are links to John Crowder’s latest video clips from Indonesia. The one I’d watched prior to these today, was recorded in Korea; which shows his intent to spread this mocking blasphemous unclean spirit around the world. Gold Outbreak in Indonesia (John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn) Huffing Gold Dust in Indonesia! – Life of the […]

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