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Rod Parsley’s plea for $$$

Dominionist – WOF-er Rod Parsley’s feeling the recession… Columbus Dispatch: World Harvest Church said in a statement this afternoon that the church has no plans to close any ministries in 2010, including its schools, despite its Web site’s assertion that ministries are “in jeopardy.” The Rev. Rod Parsley has issued a desperate plea for money, […]

C. Peter Wagner: Making his case for Dominionism

Came across this on a page at Charisma today (Last Day Fever). Its The NAR’s Peter Wagner explaining why he believes Dominionism Theology/Eschatology is correct. I can still remember prophecy teachers who tacked rows of charts and diagrams on the church wall and explained spell-binding details of the past, present and future. I cut my […]

Todd Bentley update, and Jessa Bentley ‘speaks’

Bill Fawcett at Beyond Grace blog has posted a very good 2 part series on Todd Bentley and the Manifest Sons of God-Latter Rain teachings: Manifested Bentley, Part 1 Manifested Bentley, Part 2 He’s even transcribed one of Todd’s sermons from a year ago, which is a real eye-opener. And apparently Todd is back in […]

Rick Joyner and the doctrine of “manifest destiny”

In the last few installments of Joyner’s weekly Discerning the Times, he has been writing on the end times. To gain an understanding of not only Joyner’s beliefs and ideas on the topic but on those of his fellow NAR dominionists, you may want to peek in once in awhile. The newsest one, posted today, […]

Kim Clement’s latest..

Most of the time I write this guy’s stuff off as pure nonsense: words and prophecies coming from his over imaginative flesh. But once in awhile he comes out with a ‘fresh word’ or certain statements which to be frank, I believe are satanically inspired. If its never crossed your mind that satan prophecies through […]

Is this still Christianity?

This is fascinating reading. I never knew there were such close ties between Ted Haggard and Peter Wagner going back to the 90’s. The quotes from both Wagner and Haggard are interesting as well as all the stats concerning Wagner’s NAR movement. Religion Dispatch: Fighting Demons, Raising the Dead, Taking Over the World by  Bruce […]

Kim Clement commands the spirit of “Absalom” to hang itself

Strange and Bizarre. Kim Clement From Detroit, MI – February 22, 2009 You see there is a spirit of Absalom that I detected as I launched out into the deep. And I began to sense the heart of David as he ran from the great palace in Jerusalem instead of standing up and facing his […]

USAA, 7 Mountains, Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets sent out 3 newsletters today from the USAA, (U.S. Apostolic Alliance) and I want to share a few portions of them with you, along with a couple links concerning the ‘Reclaiming The 7 Mountains’ teachings. I’ve posted quite a bit on this in the past, (ex. Seven Spheres of Influence), but to give […]

Circus-Peanuts: Paul Keith Davis, Yount, Joyner, etc..

A few comments and recent quotes from what sadly passes as today’s Prophetic voices. DANCE OF THE APOTHECARY In a vision I saw the dance of the apothecary.  He was God’s perfumer, anointed by the Lord to make anointing oils.  He was a little guy, maybe 5′ 5″ and was wearing a leather apron. He […]

C. Peter Wagner, the ‘Horizontal Apostle’

Apologetics Index sent out an update pointing to their newest article this evening: Its concerning Peter Wagner. There are some interesting links included, which may help someone in their own research. C. Peter Wagner is the former professor of Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission. He coined the term Third Wave. […]

Rick Joyner ‘sees’ into the Coming Kingdom…

Years ago I read a good portion of Rick Joyner’s book ‘The Final Quest’ and found parts of it so bizarre and unbiblical, I didn’t finish it. This was years before ever hearing of Dominionist teachings or any of the teachings/movements associated with it. Since, I’ve researched the beliefs and history of this movement, but […]

Clement: The Key of David, 2009, a year of ‘Festivities’, revival of the “Shadow”

Is it just my imagination, or are Kim Clement’s more recent ‘words’ even more confusing then those in the past? I find all of them unintelligible and  basically nonsense, but the last few appear more so, this one being a good example. It deals with what he believes God has said about 2009.. December 14, […]

Clement ‘prophesies’ a ‘righteous media’

O  good grief.  This guy is a walking breathing ‘prophetic’ ticker-tape machine. If he’s not speaking/practicing newspaper exegesis he’s coming out with some false ‘prophetic word’ which shows he cannot differentiate between the kingdom of this world and The Kingdom of God. Elijah List: I will Bring Forth a Righteous Media

New False Prophecy ‘Puzzle’ – KIM CLEMENT: DEATH AND INVASION in U.S.

Thanks to Chrystal at Slaughter of the Sheep and youtube’s local Pastor: Quote… Back in February, Kim Clement uses false prophecy to teach his Kingdom Now/Manifest Sons of God theology like C. Peter Wagner teaches.  It sounds like Clement is prophesying a death in the White House which will allow apostles and prophets to move […]

The Subtle Advance of the Apostolic ‘Revolution’ and Joel’s Army

This is an extremely interesting article, one I would suggest reading in its entirety. You may not agree with all of it, (the author touches on the rapture and a few other points which many believers differ over, theologically) but sitting that aside, the information concerning the subtle shift many Churches are making into Dominionist/Dominionism […]

Dominionists on the ‘Move’..

Yep, they’re on the move all-right.  A few links.. “GLORY REIGN” Prophetic Impartation/Emerging Apostolic Generation Conference Oct 16-18, 2008; San Francisco, CA. Several years ago, the Lord visited renowned prophet, Bob Jones, and showed him that there is actually a Heavenly power switch, and once that switch is turned ‘on’ it will launch the greatest […]

The Coming Presence Movement

Mishel at DeceptionBytes has posted a two part message concerning the ‘Presence Movement’. I read part one a few days ago, but had a hunch more was to come so held off posting the link or any portion of it until now.  People, this stuff is downright spooky…This goes far beyond the strange and weird […]

Unto Us A Child Is Born…. Saints Beware

This was shared today by Mariam at EndTimesPropheticWords: Unto Us A Child Is Born… Saints Beware! Antichrist Alert. Reading it, I sensed a confirmation so wanted to pass it along. **** In the small hours of this morning (September 11th), just before I fell asleep, I had a vision. I saw a ‘new-born’ baby wrapped […]

The Manifested Sons of God heresy and the New Apostolic Reformation

Website: Critical Issues Commentary You can find the other portions of this program, Led by The Spirit, here: Below is Part 2c The Roots and Fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household, having been […]

Update on Bentley and Lakeland from Peter Wagner..

Received this in my mail box so I’ll just hit the highlights…Take note, we now have Lakeland 1 and Lakeland 2… An Update on Lakeland from Peter August 25, 2008 I was in the San Francisco airport on my way to Singapore and Indonesia when the news of Todd Bentley’s separation from his wife became […]

The Church Infected: NEW BREED

Todd Bentley mentor Patricia King and Sid Roth introduce Matt Sorger. John Crowder clip follows

Dominionism in America: Kicking the Kingdom into High Gear

From Herescope, a very important message which includes many research links: Kicking the Kingdom into High Gear *** “God has His hand on America to bring our nation back into its proper alignment. A major key to making this happen is the formation of the U.S. Apostolic Alliance. Few have the clear, practical vision and […]

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