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Oops, the 51st State is “Offended”

No surprise here, unless you’re not aware the 51st State of America “must” be in on the know of every step the American President makes: Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I’ll be watching you Quote, ‘Offended’ Israel not to support publicly the US-Cuba […]

Fear-Mongering Chuck Norris

Fear-mongers turn me off period, but especially when the fear-mongering comes through well known celebrities looking to influence Christians. It actually causes me to never look at the celebrity the same again: When I see them, I automatically feel disgust, even years later.  Fear of this type is not of God folks, its a tool […]

Wonder What God Thinks….

Wonder what God thinks about people manipulating and misusing His word for political purposes?   Yesterday, NPR’s “Morning Edition” ran a story about the practice, especially among conservatives, to use Biblical passages as justification for their right-wing economic agenda; What would Jesus do with the U.S. economy? That’s a matter of fierce debate among Christians […]

The power of the new media to manipulate & evangelicalism’s fundamental authority problem

The title may be a mouthful, but does raise some interesting issues. If you are a follower of Christ and are reading this (an internet user) then these issues do and will continue to affect you. Personally, I made the choice a couple years ago not to be swayed by the authoritative opinions made by […]

Christians: Political Propoganda & Lies

Been catching up on some reading today and came across this article. I can vouch for many of the statements the author (R. Brad White) makes as being true. Most days my mailbox is swamped with letters (marked “urgent”) from so-called Christian organizations, filled with half baked truths and most of the time, out right […]

CNN interview about Bishop Long yeilds painful surprise

Pastor Foster at GCM Watch has posted a video clip in which  CNN news anchor Don Lemon made an interesting observation based on his own personal experience,  concerning the accusations made by the young men against Eddie Long.

Misinterpreting Scripture (Genesis 12:3)

Every Christian would agree that the misinterpretation of scripture[s] is the source of most, if not all, false doctrines and teachings. That is not to imply that we have to have our ducks-in-a-row 100% concerning all scripture–for, as long as we’re here on earth, we’ll be constantly learning and receiving revelation concerning God’s Word. It’s […]

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Music from Broken Chords

Down in the human heart, crush'd by the tempter, Feelings lie buried that grace can restore; Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness Chords that were broken will vibrate once more. From the Hymn "Rescue the Perishing" by Fanny J. Crosby

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"Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully."

I Was a Teenage Dispensationalist

It's the end (of the end) of the world as we know it...