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This is Not That: An Analysis of John Crowder’s “The New Mystics”

From Apostasy Alert, an interesting review by Jackie Alnor concerning John Crowders book, The New Mystics. This goes beyond being just a book review–its a look into the beliefs of the new breed and their mentors, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, Tommy Tenney, John Sandford, Heidi Baker, Mike Bickle, C. Peter Wagner, […]

The “Sloshfest” Ravers Who Get High on God

HT DefCon WILD-EYED and out of control, the clubbers flail wildly to a booming beat. With sweaty clothes clinging to their backs, some people even pass out. While this could easily be mistaken for a dodgy booze and drug-fuelled party, there is something very different about Sloshfest. The revellers are party loving Christians who don’t […]

John Crowder and ‘Native Trance Holes’

Is this guy becoming more weird or what? I have never seen anyone which claims Christianity attempt to incorporate so many non-Christian religions and pagan practices into their weird mystical beliefs, as John Crowder does.  I’m not going to post this latest video clip, because to be frank I don’t want it here. But check […]

The “Mantle” Impartation (2) Dowie’s Bones: Necromancy

In the post, The “Mantle” Impartation, we talked about how many of those associated with the group at Elijah List have been writing about the honoring the fathers and the ushering in of some type of new impartation or anointing, related to receiving power (mantels) from ‘spiritual fathers’ of the past. Diogenes brought up Benny […]

‘Swine’ Anointing, and the New Mystics..

These people are either mentally unbalanced [nice way to say crazier then bats] or possessed. I was browsing over at youtube and found a clip posted by another of ‘new mystic’ John Crowder’s followers. You know how the video poster always has a few words of description also under info, well read this description related […]

NAR Blasphemy, and Demonic ‘Ecstasy’…

HT to endtimespropheticwords, Winnie Banov – Mocking Ministry You may recall this ladies husband, Georgian Banov, who participated in the commissioning of Todd Bentley at Lakeland  back in June. These deluded people believe this is Holy Spirit produced “Ecstasy”. I also received notice today, of ‘mystic’ John Crowder’s new book coming out in December: The […]

Revival or Paganism?

This was one of the clips I included in the post below, The Subtle Advance of the Apostolic ‘Revolution’ and Joel’s Army, but wanted to be sure this was seen. If this isn’t paganism folks, I don’t know what is. Meet the young ‘new breed’: those being indoctrinated by the New Apostolic Reformation/Joels Army/Dominionist crowd […]

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