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Now THIS is Hypocrisy with a Capital “H”

The tone of this news article is a tad too gritty for my taste but I must say it does point out the sheer hypocrisy of some of those running for public office. Greg Collett, a Tea-Party candidate and devout Mormon from the state of Idaho, is running for state office in 2014.  He opposes […]

Arkansas State Rep: ‘If Slavery Were So God-Awful, Why Didn’t Jesus Or Paul Condemn It?’

Here we go again, another certified nut, and its no surprise that he’s a politician.  This is a case of someone having zero understanding of why Jesus came, but plows ahead anyway using Jesus (and Paul) to justify his crazy ideas. He just doesn’t get that Jesus didn’t come to change the wrongs he saw […]

‘Honey Boo Boo’ Ratings Top the Republican National Convention

This was the first feed I saw in my inbox today. Can’t speak for anyone else but I needed a good laugh. Consider this a ‘Friday Funny’ Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, TLC’s controversial reality show about a self-proclaimed “redneck” family and their Toddlers and Tiaras daughter, hit another ratings high Wednesday night. The fourth […]

Tiller Shooting Trial May Revisit Abortion Debate

If I’m reading and understanding this correctly, wouldn’t this (if allowed), pave the way for what could be a very dangerous legal precedence? Christian Post, Prosecutors against the accused killer of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller filed on Monday a motion in an attempt to keep abortion out of the trial. Prosecutors filed the motion […]

U.S. fed up with Israel, Palestinians

This news item has picked up steam today. I noticed its being published by a growing number of news agencies. Emanuel: U.S. fed up with Israel, Palestinians White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel recently told the Israeli consul in Los Angeles that the Obama administration is fed up with both Israel and the Palestinians, […]

Is Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?

Someone emailed this to me right after Christmas, and as it is a controversial topic in many Christian circles, I decided to hold off posting it until after the holidays. Well the holidays are over and there’s nothing like a good sticky topic to start off the new year right! I joke, but its actually […]

American Politics and Paranoia

Who said… “The modern right wing … feels dispossessed: America has been largely taken away from them, though they are determined to try to repossess it and to prevent the final destructive act of subversion. The old American virtues have already been eaten away by cosmopolitans and intellectuals; the old competitive capitalism has been gradually […]

Uganda set to pass anti-gay bill

Uganda is likely to pass a bill criminalising homosexuality in the east African nation and deal a blow to rights activists, but the act will have some changes to appease donors who fund about a third of the budget. The draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill is part of a growing campaign against homosexuals in Uganda, rights groups […]

Disgusting quote of the day..

In my lifetime Presidents have always been attacked by those who either don’t agree with them on issues, or by people who just ‘plain’ don’t like them personally. That’s fine–it comes with the job I’m sure. But I never recall a sitting President’s Mother being smeared. It’s no fault of the president that he has […]

The war on incivility

Looks like the Interfaith Alliance has jumped into the war on incivility. For Immediate Release October 21, 2009 Clergy and Faith Leaders Call for Civility Washington, DC – A group of prominent faith leaders brought together by Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, President of Interfaith Alliance has released an open letter to other religious leaders, […]

Celebrating the Olympic bid defeat??

I am ashamed of my fellow American Christians. Never did I believe the day would come when followers of Christ would rejoice and gloat over America’s rejection. Surely not these folks–who call for patriotism and love of country (I say with sarcasm), and who run to the rallying call of ‘Take America Back!’. Strike that […]

Many Advertisers Pulling out of Political TV Talk-Shows?

Sounds like they are… The list of advertisers who have requested their commercials not be aired during Glenn Beck’s program, keeps growing. It was just 5 days ago the list reached 20 companies, (see Fear Tactics in America and Promoters of Anarchy in America) while today Breit Bart is reporting the number has grown to […]

“Hey Huckabee, its still only 09!”

The man’s campaigning already. From Haaretz: Huckabee: Palestinian state in Jewish homeland is ‘unrealistic’ Huckabee, who arrived in Israel Sunday as the guest of several rightist organizations, visited Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem on Monday… What I loved were a few comments left by readers living in Israel: The last thing we need here is […]

What’s a Nazi, again?

Bravo for Wickle! Its about time Christians began to speak out about the word ‘Nazi’ being tossed around today, and remember what the word REALLY represents. *Warning*— disturbing photos included. See: What’s a Nazi, again?

Faith groups begin media blitz for health-care reform

I know there are a lot of questions about health care reform, and that many  Health Insurance organizations have been attempting to stop it. Even some in the media are campaigning actively against it daily now. But in my heart, my prayer is something gets done. Not for me, for I’m retired, but for the […]

Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce?

That’s what is being reported from Alaskan sources today. I hope for all involved, it turns out to be nothing more then a rumor gone wild. From The Alaska Report: Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce – AlaskaReport has learned this morning that Todd Palin and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are to divorce. Multiple […]

Why the US will never have a decent Heath Care program

Because too many politicians are in the pocket of Heath Care and Pharmaceutical company lobbyists. But I still have hope… I watched an excellent exposé concerning this on 60 Minutes a couple years ago (see, Under The Influence 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft Reports On Drug Lobbyists’ Role in Passing Bill That Keeps Drug Prices High, […]

Hate Crimes Bill

Mega thanks to Polycarp at The Church of Jesus Christ blog for posting this little reported on story. Its astounding (to me) that all the websites which have kept this Hate Crimes bill legislation on their front page[s] daily for months, didn’t deem it necessary to post this over the week-end. Nor have any of […]

“Somethings” on the Loose

Be aware ( prepared, or whatever) A few links… Obama uses a teleprompter BECAUSE he is the AC “the sky was unusually BLUE today” (so the Lord’s coming is near) Free Republic Founder Calls For Overthrow Of US Government Randall Terry continues to warn of violence if health care reform passes “Birthers” Go on a […]

Leaders of the antiabortion movement are cringing at Randall Terry’s sudden return

This is an interesting article which appeared in Wednesday’s Washington Post. Randall Terry Wants to Lead Rebirth of Antiabortion Fight Leaders of the antiabortion movement are cringing at Terry’s sudden return. They say his incendiary rhetoric and showy tactics turn off ordinary Americans and reflect Terry’s struggle to regain his glory years. Randall Terry has […]

“Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

There’s been a number of posts and references to the NAR, the 7 Mountain mandate, and the doctrine of “manifest destiny” posted over the last year: (here, here,  here, here) As well as a huge amount of info on dominionism or dominionist theology. There was also a recent post on Washington DC’s ‘The Family”, which […]

Will scandals inspire evangelicals to stray from Repub. Party?

Most Sunday afternoons I like to spend time browsing the faith and religion pages of on-line newspapers around the nation. It gives me an idea of what’s transpiring in the church from ‘Akron’ to ‘LA’ and beyond. (One good source can be found in the links within the side-bar at Religion News Blog) Below is […]

Joe The Plumber On Running For Office

Funny.. quote.. (Samuel Wurzelbacher) Asked if he would considering running for political office: “You know, I talked to God about that and he was like…, ‘No.’  link

He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and doggone it, people like him

Interesting (if not bizarre) bit of news. This had been going on so long  I’d forgotten about it. “Stuart Smalley” wins senate seat… Norm Coleman concedes Minnesota Senate race to Al Franken Republican Norm Coleman has conceded to Democrat Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race, ending one of the longest Senate races in American […]

‘Joe the Plumber’ calls for Sen. Dodd to be strung-up

From The WausauDailyHerald: ‘Joe the Plumber’ shares conservative views quote.. Conservatives in Wausau on Thursday decried President Barack Obama’s economic policies at a gathering hosted by the conservative free-market group Americans for Prosperity. The event, called “Pints and Politics,” brought to town Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, known during the 2008 presidential campaign as “Joe the Plumber.” […]

Iran update, and the Washington Talking-Heads

The last few days I’ve avoided reading and listening to a lot of secular news. Tonight I decided to take the plunge… Is anyone embarrassed by what many of our elected  Washington officials are saying in the news, concerning what is occurring in Iran? I am. Why are they doing this;  attempting to create a […]

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