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False Prophecies for Fun and Profit

You have to admit, some of this IS funny… quote, Those Christians who believe that we are drawing close to the last days are continually trying to identify both the beast and the antichrist. This game of “find the beast and identify the antichrist” has become the adult Christians’ version of the child’s game of […]

The Latest from the new Prophecy Pundits: The Second Coming of Apollo

Try wrapping your mind around this, and good luck!  From Herescope Previously posted: READ Part 1: Homo Nephilus  READ Part 2: The “Return” of the Alien Super Soldier”  READ Part 3: Techno-Dimensional Prayer Combat  “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it […]

Move Over Tim LaHaye

 Ah yes, just what we need, another author and his own speculative Last Days series of novels not based on the bible. New “Islamic Anti-Christ” Novel Series on the Way   Joel Richardson has good news for those who think that what the world needs is more novels about how current events are a sign […]

Think we can call this more then a ‘slight’ stretch?

I’d say so… A Prophetic Look at the Tucson Tragedy quote… Many ministers and intercessors throughout Arizona have expressed their grief and frustration regarding this unanticipated tragedy, in that it seemingly occurred without divine warning. Nevertheless, the setting and circumstances of this tragedy are covered with Satan’s fingerprints—revealing his diabolical intentions toward not only the […]

Playing the Eschatological Guessing Game

I have to say this made me smile. Not at the harm the predictors do to the body of Christ, but because I was reminded of a few prophecy websites I check in at once in awhile which constantly have a new rapture date picked out. As soon as one date comes and goes, within […]

Antichrist revealed! (again)

Have you ever noticed the lengths some folks will go to to attempt to prove someone is ‘the’ antichrist? There were a number of books written during the years George W Bush was in office, attempting to ‘prove’ he was the one, as well as countless articles coming from prophecy watchers. Ditto, Bill Clinton. Most […]

*UPDATE* Prophecy Pundits, or ‘Help, my head is ready to explode!’

*UPDATE* – Wanted to add a few more today, the 23rd. Perhaps its just the uncertain times we’re living in, but the last-day prophecy pundits are in over-drive. Some of the stuff (signs etc) they come up with are so wacky or worse yet, confusing, I get a headache trying to make sense of what […]

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