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Fifteen Years Later: A Grim Anniversary

This is an article well worth the time to read. Due to the sudden rise over the last 2 years in the number of militia and Patriot groups (a segment of which claim to be Christian) I wanted to share a few quotes and the link. Next Monday, Americans will mark the 15th anniversary of […]

Number of antigovernment Patriot groups jumped 244% last year

A disturbing new report from SPLC; The radical right caught fire last year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism across the nation. Hate groups stayed at record levels — almost 1,000 — despite the total collapse of the second largest […]

Recipe for Disaster

I came across two interesting articles today–somewhat related. Although I may not agree 100% with all in either one, I can say both caused me to stop and ponder upon certain points they made. From John Ankerberg’s Ministry: The Powerless Panacea of Politics We must do God’s will, God’s way, for God’s glory! We need […]

The Battle for Jerusalem

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Riot Over Parking Lot Being Opened On Sabbath Check out photo’s HERE. As one caption read: “Evidently parking your car on a Saturday is a bigger offence than hurling used diapers at the police. Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders, […]

When hate-laws are enacted and enforced…

…know who is really to blame. See: A Savage Nation Indeed

Fox’s Shep Smith hears from critics, “You Don’t Belong”

This is an interesting item. You may recall my mentioning Shephard Smith’s on air comments a couple weeks back, and how I knew it would draw criticism, (see: Shining the Spot-Light…”Silent Enablers”). Today there’s a story about further emails he has received at the NYTimes, Fox News Anchor Draws Ratings, and Ire of Conservative Critics […]

Israel rightist group says Pres. Obama is anti-Semitic

I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is chocked full of crazy people, who today make up the majority of those living on this planet. I’m assuming this was in response to his trip to Saudi Arabia & Egypt… Looks like every nation and state in the world has their own group of right […]

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Music from Broken Chords

Down in the human heart, crush'd by the tempter, Feelings lie buried that grace can restore; Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness Chords that were broken will vibrate once more. From the Hymn "Rescue the Perishing" by Fanny J. Crosby

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"Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully."

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