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Nations are not taken through “evangelism harvests” but by having Christians “take over spheres and administer them for God”

I borrowed the title of this post from a quote by ‘The Seven Mountains’ guru Lance Wallnau, posted at RWWatch. If there was any lingering doubt that Seven Mountains theology is anti-Gospel, and in turn, anti-Christ, Wallnau’s own words make it very clear another spirit is operating within these false teachings. And subsequently, it answers […]

What Does Deception Look Like? – Religious Spirits

Other segments from these teachings by Phil Enlow were posted last year and can be located here: What Does Deception Look Like? Below is just one excerpt (concerning religious spirits) from part (5), at Midnight Cry Ministries. Religious Spirits There are many religious spirits that don’t mind talking about Christ and claiming to serve Christ […]

It’s The End of The World As We Know It – part 9

Links to previous excellent segments HERE Audio – It’s The End of The World As We Know It – part 9 “The 7 headed 10 horned beast from the sea – The Anti-Christ and the kingdom from which he arises” Steve Lumbley, Apostasy Watch

Christian Legitimization of the Assassination of President Obama

Last week, as the sniper shot rang out mortally wounding President Obama, the country woke up to the historical fact that idle words are indeed the devil’s playground. History will long note  and judge those, who while the ambulance was attempting to carry the dying man to the nearest hospital, surrounded the vehicle, only to […]

Promoters of Anarchy in America

ANARCHIST: An advocate of or a participant in anarchy: an agitator: a resister, sometimes by terrorism, to organized government: a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed: a person who […]

Another antichrist candidate ‘bites the dust’…

This is one reason I’ve never gotten into ‘pinning the tail’ on an ac. From ETimes, EU’s Solana to step down in autumn Madrid – Top EU diplomat Javier Solana on Sunday announced plans to retire this autumn, in an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC. “I think my time has come,” said Solana, 66, who […]

You’re no longer “amusing” Kim Clement…

I’m finding it more difficult to laugh at this guy’s words. In the past most of them have been so ridiculous they were somewhat funny–and perhaps he’ll get back to just being ludicrous in the future. But some of the “thus saith the Lord’s” he’s been coming out with lately go completely against the commands […]

Catholic Church will cease all missionary activity among Jews

HT to Mariam at endtimespropheticwords The Pope and the Catholic Church apparently has joined ranks with John Hagee and CUFI (so to speak) in not evangelizing  Jews who live in Israel. There are many other things, besides the decision and promise made by the Pope, I’d like to comment on in this article appearing in […]

The Government of Christ


Anger, Militancy and Riots?

Thanks to Ricardo for sending this link: Busload of Crazies to Tour Homes of AIG Executives This Weekend. Less than a year ago, the most repellent area bus tour we knew of was the one that induced Sex and the City–crazed tourists to put $40 on their Citi cards for a cupcake and a glimpse […]

Christian Militancy: Chuck Baldwin’s Blatant Appeal to Violence

Militancy, in the name of Christianity, rose in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Virulent anti-government and anti-pluralist visions gave rise to Christian reconstructionism, dominion theology and groups such as the Army of God. It has also produced, what is known today as the Patriotic American movement: Patriotic dominionists teach that political action will […]

“The Year in Hate”

What a distressing, though not surprising report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center. ** The number of hate groups operating in the United States continued to rise in 2008 and has grown by 54 percent since 2000 — an increase fueled last year by immigration fears, a failing economy and the successful campaign […]

Gaza..and musing

I read two separate news stories concerning Gaza this afternoon: one is horrifying, the other item in itself, I was glad to read but the comments which followed its posting on two Christian boards made me so angry my first instinct was to register just so I could leave a comment expressing my disgust… You […]

Praying for Obama to fail…

Lord, deliver us from the bitterness, hatred, and un-Christ like behavior which is flooding your Church Body: In Jesus Mighty name, amen. “Many American Christians believe, as an article of faith, that we are to pray for the success of our leaders. It has become a sort of conventional wisdom among soft-minded believers…”  (More here […]

Left Behind (Part 11)

Previous Parts, One,  Two,  Three,  Four,  Five,  Six,  Seven, Eight, Nine , Ten “Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of […]

The Tide Of Rebellion That is Approaching

From: Olivet Discourse: Defiance of Authority, the Increasing Phenomenon of the Last Days Quote.. In the history of mankind, there have been times when man’s rebellion has rolled in and advanced against decency and order. Then there have been times when man’s rebellion has receded. I refer to those times of reformation and revival when, […]

Nebuchadnezzar, Did You Consider?

Excellent message sent out today from Walking in Truth. We see a lot of ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ types today…they name it and claim it, proclaim it, and demand it. Whatever ‘it’ happens to be. Then in their arrogance and pride, they make such statements as Kim Clement did in this post HERE, in which he wrote, concerning […]

Brothers and Sisters, do these people represent you?

While I’m not an Obama supporter, in fact I’m not a supporter of any politician, this disgusts me. And it should disgust you if you are a follower of Christ. If this was a non-Christian group, I wouldn’t be the least surprised: I expect to see this kind of stuff coming from the unregenerated minds […]

The Coming Presence Movement

Mishel at DeceptionBytes has posted a two part message concerning the ‘Presence Movement’. I read part one a few days ago, but had a hunch more was to come so held off posting the link or any portion of it until now.  People, this stuff is downright spooky…This goes far beyond the strange and weird […]

Unto Us A Child Is Born…. Saints Beware

This was shared today by Mariam at EndTimesPropheticWords: Unto Us A Child Is Born… Saints Beware! Antichrist Alert. Reading it, I sensed a confirmation so wanted to pass it along. **** In the small hours of this morning (September 11th), just before I fell asleep, I had a vision. I saw a ‘new-born’ baby wrapped […]

Todd Bentley: The Spirit of Rebellion

This is a topic I’d like to look at and hopefully discuss with anyone who wants to jump in. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. 1Samuel 15:23a Scott, at his blog NorthWest Musings, has posted the link to an interview done recently in Seattle, WA with […]

Even Now There Are Many Antichrists

Cathy at PEACEMAKERS blog has posted a list of what areas she has observed this insidious spirit being involved in today… you might like to check it out or post a comment.

National Day of Prayer, Compromise, and the Rotten Fruit of Bad Theology

The not praying in Jesus Name at the National Day of Prayer, which is causing an up-roar, shouldn’t come as any surprise to us. Many ‘Christian’ groups who fellowship (and pray) with those outside of Christianity have been doing this for years. In the case of some of these groups, like Hagee’s CUFI, its a […]

False Teacher is too mild a term for Brian McLaren

These quotes below from The Baptist Press article: Lessen focus on eternity, McLaren says at Willow Creek student ministries conference, are 100% demoniacally inspired. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;” 1 Timothy 4:1 Quote; The emphasis […]

The False Imagining of the False Christ

Very good article at Herescope: The False Imagining of the False Christ – Colossians and the coming of the cosmic-christ Quote- Its core belief appears to be this: In essence, the cosmos consists of a panentheist or pantheist-christ spirit permeating everything.[2] Thus, everything, animate and inanimate, becomes “sacred.” This sacred christ is the one reality […]

The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult

From ChristianWorldView by By Eric Barger In writing our book Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion, David Benoit and I drew from nearly 50 years of combined ministry experience often dealing with New Age spiritualism, witchcraft and overt occultism. These are issues that occasionally make the most alert Christian uncomfortable and the unaware simply […]

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