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The Gospel of the Kingdom: FORETOLD BY THE PROPHETS

This has turned out to be a very interesting little book. What has grabbed my interest, besides the obvious fact of it being about the Kingdom of God, is Mauro’s early grasp of how dangerous dispensationalism was, even at the early date in which this was written. He foresaw how, if not stopped, it would […]

Patriotism is Harlotry

This article was shared at facebook by Teresa Cassie under a post in which the “big block-buster film” American Sniper is being discussed. Hope you’ll read it. As I wrote there, America’s reaction to this film shows me we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, folks. And what the author of this article below (which […]

An Examination of Dispensationalism by William E. Cox (3)

A small portion of the material in this section and the one following may be covered in William Cox’s personal message (Why I Left Scofieldism), but because these particular Dispensationalist doctrines of there being “two people(s) of God” and “two Godly Kingdoms”, is the very foundation on which Dispensationalism is built, I believe it cannot […]

The Kingdom of God (3) Postponement Theory

Two preachings of this Gospel (the Gospel of the Kingdom) are mentioned, one past, beginning with the ministry of John the Baptist, continued by our Lord and his disciples, and ending with the Jewish rejection of the King. The other is yet future (Matthew 24:14) during the great tribulation, and immediately preceding the coming of […]

The Kingdom of God (1)

This is an introduction to what I pray will be a small series where we can look more closely at the important topic, The Kingdom of God: What it is, according to the bible’s definition, and how we, the Church in America have twisted the true biblical definition of that Kingdom. You may find the contents of […]

An aberrant form of Christianity

Rick Frueh (Judah’s Lion) has written a very good post… I believe we are living in the last days. I have no idea about the day or hour, but the signs are becoming more and more clear. Although Israel is a secular nation whose inhabitants deny Christ for the most part, that nation seems to […]

A Civil War Between the Church and the Gay Community?

Its not often I come upon an article (or series) which, (a) I completely agree with, and (b) I highly recommend  to others without at least a few reservations. This is one. ( HT to Joel for pointing to this excellent essay by Jason A. Staples) A Civil War Between the Church and the Gay Community? […]

Group: Anti-Christian Events of 2010 Point to Christophobia

Another case of hyperbole being used to promote an idea. quote… A Christian website says their top ten list of attacks on Christian beliefs creates the case for a growing Christophobia problem in the United States. The top ten list is meant to highlight to Christians episodes of irrational hate against the faith and encourage […]

Does not the salvation of sinners trump national restoration?

An excellent editorial written by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp a few quotes… There is a new virus going around. Its called Christian political war gaming. Once the virus strikes it becomes a near obsession. I know a number of people who don’t get enough sleep because they are at their computers doing political war games. Once […]

The Christian Jihadist

Taking up the Cross in Evangelical Christianity: The Perspective of a Christian Jihadist The video game taking Christian America by storm is entitled ‘Left Behind: Eternal Forces’. Controversially, it encourages players to kill anyone who resists conversion to Christianity. As Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft battle it out for domination of the electronic game world, the […]

The Kingdom of God and Dominion Theology

The Old Doctrine The kingdom of Christ is not a kingdom of this world, otherwise would his servants fight! It rests on a spiritual basis and is to be advanced by spiritual means. Yet Christ’s servants gradually slipped down into the notion that His kingdom was of this world and could be upheld by human […]

Jews and the Christian Faith..

The quotes below are from a recent article posted at Charisma titled: When Jews Assimilate Into the Christian Faith In the early 1970s, a significant number of Jews committed their lives to Yeshua and came to the conviction that they should call themselves Messianic Jews rather than Christians. There were several reasons for this. One […]

The Fire

Posted by SermonIndex:

Church Divided on Health Care

The choosing up sides by Americans concerning Health Care reform, has been pretty interesting to watch. Somewhat disturbing at times but interesting.. But what has been of greater interest to me is the same sharp division, on the same issue, which has occurred within the Church. Is there perhaps an underlying meaning in that the […]

Confession of a Radical

Recently I was speaking with a pastor whose political views I would describe as “God and Country zealotry.” In the course of our conversation, which had taken its typical political turn, he said, “We must defend Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism in the name of Christ.” That is quite a claim. But is it true? Must […]

Can two walk together except they be agreed?

Recently I’ve been thinking about something. My prayer is God will give me the ability to explain it clearly… What I’ve noticed is a trend in which a large part of the Church body within the US, is walking in agreement with a large part of the world (the lost) concerning more and more issues; […]

Celebrating “De”-pendence

Its already the 4th here, and as many wake up today they will be celebrating  Independence day; parades, picnics and  fireworks are common events on July 4th for many of us living in the US.  As is celebrating our freedoms. The Declaration of Independence is remembered and even read aloud at many events, where citizens […]

What Does Deception Look Like? Part (3)

See:  Part (1) – Part (2) We have set out to explore the characteristics of spiritual deception, focusing first on deceivers themselves, the agents of deception. We noted that the basic issue with every deceiver is simply this: some head other than Christ. God put His Son in charge. The government is on His shoulders. […]

Don’t Pray For America

Jack Kelley’s articles are always interesting; though I don’t agree with him on many of his eschatological views, I’ve still gained insight from many of his commentaries and teachings through the years. The Holy Spirit bore witness with my spirit as I read much of what he wrote below. Don’t Pray For America quotes.. In […]

George Barna, “Twinkle twinkle little bat”

Last month I posted on George Barna, (of the Barna Group/Institute) and his latest book, The Seven Faith Tribes, titling it Down the Rabbit Hole: Barna, America’s “Faith Tribes” Can Restore Nation. I still believe the Rabbit Hole expression fits what he is attempting to promote in his book: many religious (and non religion groups) […]

What Was Jesus Like?

I hope Michael Spencer (IMonk) doesn’t become upset with me, but I want to post a big portion of one of his posts from 08, iMonk 101: What Was Jesus Like?. (you can read it all at the link) His words echo so much of what I have been pondering over in my heart the […]

What IS Christianity?

The answer to that question should be easily answered by all Christians, wouldn’t you think? But its not always the case. Today, particularly in the US, if the question is asked among a group professing to be Christians, its not surprising to hear any number of definitions. Many of them quite complicated.. Most if not […]

Christianity verses Conservatism

Is there a difference between the two, Christianity and what is known in the US as Conservatism, or in many circles as the Political Religious-Right? An excellent question, one every Christian who adds the tag conservative to a description of who they are, should ask themselves is: “Are they one and the same?” Just some […]

Behold the Bridegroom Cometh

This is a good message, taken from a sermon preached in 1928 by Thomas Houghton. The topic of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25, and its significance, has been like many parables (and prophecy’s) concerning the end days or coming of our Lord: there is more then one interpretation to be found. To me, it […]

Dutch Sheets, the USAR, 7 Mountains, & Pride and Deception

This may interest you. I received a letter this evening from the Dutch Sheets group, once known as the USAA (United States Apostolic Alliance) which now goes by the USAR (United States Alliance for Reformation), concerning their recent conference. Two things struck me while reading it–one being the heavy leaning toward the 7 Mountains of […]

Rick Joyner ‘sees’ into the Coming Kingdom…

Years ago I read a good portion of Rick Joyner’s book ‘The Final Quest’ and found parts of it so bizarre and unbiblical, I didn’t finish it. This was years before ever hearing of Dominionist teachings or any of the teachings/movements associated with it. Since, I’ve researched the beliefs and history of this movement, but […]

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