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FRC joins with Church to ‘Actively Pray and Work for the Defeat of Barack Obama’

Right Wing groups like the Family Research Council, along with more and more Churches, have really stepped up their fight to do away with the separation of Church and State.  In their goal to “restore” America they are working hard to change America’s form of government from a Democracy to a Theocracy.  Rick, at Following Judah’s Lion, […]

John Hagee: Seeking a Theocracy

The words which fly out of this guys mouth (and heart) floor me. I was under the impression we (Christians) are to preach the Gospel to the lost, not tell them to either conform or leave our Nations. What happened to being “salt”? John Hagee is a saltless certified nut… *Video: Hagee Tells Atheists to Leave […]

Church and State: or what makes Rick Santorum sick

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says the notion of religion not playing role in politics “makes me want to throw up.” “To say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes me want to throw up. What kind of country do we live in where only people of non-faith […]

Israel: Major Victory for Separation of Religion and State

Interesting news item, Sapir Prize winner Yoram Kaniuk sets legal precedent implying that all Israelis can self-determine their own religious identity The court ruling last week that granted the writer Yoram Kaniuk the right to be registered with the Interior Ministry as “without religion” rather than as Jewish, is a step in the direction of […]

A Civil War Between the Church and the Gay Community?

Its not often I come upon an article (or series) which, (a) I completely agree with, and (b) I highly recommend  to others without at least a few reservations. This is one. ( HT to Joel for pointing to this excellent essay by Jason A. Staples) A Civil War Between the Church and the Gay Community? […]

Seeking a Theocracy

By Kato Mivule, Yesu Mulungi (African Christian Perspectives) The US Mid Term Elections are over but left no doubt that Evangelicals in the USA are committed to the establishment of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth, especially in the USA, through the use of Politics and the State. Make no mistake, this is not […]

Janet Porter plunges deeper into Dominionism

Porter has now linked up with  Gary DeMar of American Vision and Gray North, son-in-law of Christian Reconstructionist guru R.J. Rushdoony. See, Porter Goes Deeper Into Dominionism

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