Congressman Bob Brady sips from Pope Francis’s discarded glass of water

Words fail me…

From the Guardian

Pope bands? So boring. Pope dolls? So kitsch. In the great panoply of papal merchandise, congressman Bob Brady of Philadelphia may just have clinched the very best: the Holy Father’s glass of water.

Pope Francis was sipping from the glass during his speech to Congress on Thursday, and when he made his way out of the chamber he left his drink unattended. That’s where Brady stepped in.

Like a bachelor party attendee spotting a discarded pint, the Democratic congressman plucked Francis’s glass from the lectern. Rather than immediately down the drink, however, he carried it to the confines of his office, to enjoy the pontiff’s water in peace.

“I took a sip out of it,” Brady told the Philadelphia Daily News. His wife Debra and two of Brady’s staffers also quaffed some. “How many people do you know that drank out of the same glass as the pope?” Brady said.

The Daily News said a presumably excited Brady invited Senator Bob Casey into his office to behold the glass of water. “The three dipped their fingers into the glass. Pictures were taken, joy was in the air,” the paper reported.

Once the trio had withdrawn their fingers Brady “poured the rest of the water into a bottle”. He now plans to bless his four grandchildren with the fluid.

6 comments on “Congressman Bob Brady sips from Pope Francis’s discarded glass of water

  1. I wonder if the old bloodhound blew his nose? Ugh…I can’t believe how the world is falling after this guy. The church (mainstream Christians) is coming to his defense and if you say anything against him, they jump down your throat and smack around your tonsils.

    I wonder where this will lead? Hmmm…

  2. Many of the clients I am with are of the Catholic Faith. At night while the client is in bed I read through their Catholic Literature. Of how the Pope and Bishops, and even The Queen of Heaven are viewed no can make the claim these are not gods in their eyes. What blew me away was reading how “The Lady” can assure your Salvation, and meet with you at death so you will not have to face purgatory. I did not see anything in any of the small books which shows scriptures to prove Salvation is ONLY through Jesus.

    I cannot find what this man {Bob Brady} did to be even a giggle. It is sad to me to see that people would do such a thing.

  3. It’s idolatry, plain and simple. They hold this man up as God.

  4. Hi pj,
    I had a cousin who drank so called “holy water.” I myself had a small plastic jar shaped in the form of “Mary” with so called “holy water” in it. I thought it had some kind of supernatural blessings attached to it. Imagine! This was the fruit of our reprobate minds. How oh how did I ever get set free??? By the mighty had of God! A friend from my old neighborhood witnessed to me while our kids bowled together. She told me how unscriptural it was to pray to “Mary” and encouraged me to read the Bible. Another woman at work told me that I shouldn’t be following man and also encouraged me to get a Bible. And yes, they hold the pope up as God. I wonder how late the hour is …
    Love you sister

    • Good to hear from you Cathy! Just finished posting a quote from Bill’s latest, with the link. I pray everyone who comes here will read it. You both were brought out of this darkness and have so much to offer to those still caught up in it.

      In my book collection i own a number of (bible study) books written in the 1800’s and even the early 20th century. All these bible teachers warned of the RCC. Its so amazing to see how today, that Church and it’s practices have been embraced by Evangelicals.

      Amen, i wonder how late the hour is too. Things are certainly lining up, pointing to the coming of Jesus.

  5. Deception is alive and running rampant! I sure hope their eyes and heart are opened and receptive to the Truth!

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