American Apocalypse – the rise of Christian evangelicals

This is a good article found at The Guardian.

Last year the Texas pastor John Hagee presided over the ninth annual summit of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which describes itself as “the largest pro-Israel organisation in the United States”. Five thousand evangelicals gathered in Washington to hear a distinguished roster of speakers including six US senators, a former director of the CIA and the Israeli ambassador to the US. Binyamin Netanyahu sent a recorded message; he couldn’t be there because Israel was at war in the Gaza Strip. Nearly a thousand civilians had already been killed, and even Israel’s staunchest allies were calling for restraint. But Hagee demanded that Netanyahu be allowed to “finish the job” in Gaza. When he had finished, the pastor led other delegates up Capitol Hill to lobby those lawmakers who hadn’t shown up….

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2 comments on “American Apocalypse – the rise of Christian evangelicals

  1. Oh PJ. I have to tell you that I’ve pretty much left the ‘church’ again. After 10 years of knowing the Lord, I don’t believe I can continue in the farce that is known as the ‘American church’ neatly every single one I’ve stepped into, buys this whole pro Israel stance. I think it is very un biblical. They’re supporting the nation of Israel, not the biblical Israel. And they’re supporting these things with blind zeal, much the way Germans believed and followed Hitler. It’s terrible. I am part of the ekklesia. I have no doubt about it. Thanks to the Internet, I have been able to find others who are as well. Thanks!

    • Honey, i sure understand. Yes, it is VERY difficult to find a church today which does not lift up the State of Israel, over Jesus. The same goes for the TV preachers. Frankly i believe it is part of the apostasy.

      While you may not be involved with a church, just remember you are “in the Beloved”….Christ our Savior. That’s what counts!

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