Superstition – The Fruit of Christian Zionism

Many thanks to Steve Lumbley at Apostasy Watch, for this excellent teaching. Hope you’ll check it out.

“People come from all over the world to pray at the Wall, the epicenter of God’s presence on earth. We will place your prayer request in the Wall. What will you ask Him?”

Is there anything in those words that seems a bit disturbing to you as a Christian? Do you believe that God’s presence on earth can be found at the Western Wall?

See: Superstition – The Fruit of Christian Zionism

3 comments on “Superstition – The Fruit of Christian Zionism

  1. This could possibly be the great apostasy spoken of; the false belief that Christians need some added covenant of salvation, which is having a jewish connection, visiting Israel, being ‘one’ with the OT covenant. They don’t realize that Israel today is secular. The temple is gone and we are the new temple of the Holy Spirit. And Jews first, need to be the temples also of the Holy Spirit, if they would realize who the mediator between them and the Father is, the Son Jesus Christ, where no man can come to the Father, except through Jesus Christ. Salvation FIRST to the jews, then to us.

    Christians are doing a great disservice to them, bewitching them to believe it’s all the same and will all add up in the end. We can go to God in prayer and don’t need to travel or put a paper in the crevice. The Word says where two or three are gathered in His Name, there will He be. His presence can be anywhere through faith in Him.

    • Dominionism, whether in its Catholic, Charismatic, or Rushdooney forms is, no doubt, the anti-Christ system already present. The Gospel is snuffed out by a focus on “social justice” or in setting up the kingdom here on Earth. Doctrinal differences– though existing– are ignored and bypassed in favor of ecumenical-political-social work where Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, whoever, work together for their moralistic goals. Just look at the last GOP convention with Mitt Romney to see how that works, with Mormon Bishops leading prayers for Catholics and Protestants, all contrary to the scripture. Even the Russians are in on it, as they whip homosexuals in the streets or hang people up in basements for torture, and then they announce that they are going to save Christians from the evil Muslims in the middle east.

      Where is the Gospel in all this? It doesn’t exist. The good news of what Christ has already done for us on the cross is minimized, so as not to get in the way of ecumenical getting together for social or political causes. In some cases the systems get merged together entirely, with the Emergent Church folks (which has ties to Dominionism, according to articles I’ve read on the subject) merging Catholic mysticism with their practices.

  2. The Wall wasn’t even part of any Old Testament Jewish law, ordinance, ritual or requirement? How does it all of sudden fit in now? Well, it doesn’t! The great apostasy or the great falling away happened there in the 1st century with the Great Roman Empire and their Emperors. They changed food requirements, what you can eat and when you can eat certain foods…does anyone remember that red-meat was forbidden on Friday, but fish was an acceptable alternative? They also changed marriage, by forbidding their priests and nuns to marry, where was that ever a law? They changed how and who to worship, you know, instead of Jesus, they worship Mary, St. Peter, Paul and various other supposed saints? etc. It started then and has simply continued on through the centuries to the present.

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