John Hagee: False Prophet (and the antidote)

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John Hagee made predictions (oh yes he did!—see below). John Hagee set dates. John Hagee’s predictions and dates have failed. He is now to be regarded as a false prophet on the same order as Harold Camping.

I have previously written about this here and here. I have demonstrated first that Hagee did indeed make predictions and set dates, even though he tried to cover himself with disclaimers. Second, I have demonstrated from Scripture how his interpretation of Joel 2 and Acts 2 cannot possibly be true. (Hint: Peter makes it clear that Acts 2 was the fulfillment then of Joel 2. There is nothing about it left to be fulfilled.)

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While it’s no surprise to many discerning Christians that this man is a false prophet, I am astounded that the number of “Christians” who still follow him, continues to grow. It doesn’t appear to matter to his followers that he makes false prediction after false prediction, and becomes rich from the book sales which promotes the continual hogwash he offers. 

If anyone has the answer to why people continue to follow this guy, and run out to buy his latest book of false predictions and lies, I’d love to hear it. 

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5 comments on “John Hagee: False Prophet (and the antidote)

  1. Ever heard of a strong delusion? 🙂 These “Christians” are nothing more than false-converts living a Christianized life. They are unsaved, unregenerate reprobates wearing the mask of religion. Just like the pope and his satanic allure. He will cause the whole world to worship him..and it’s already happening. These goats will follow after anyone who holds up something shiny.

    Ever wonder why people like Todd Bentley and Joshua Mills (just to name two) are so popular?

    Like attracts like…

    • Believe you hit the nail on the head:

      These goats will follow after anyone who holds up something shiny.

      People like Hagee, Bentley, and Mills, are ear ticklers. You’d think after one of these wolves prove to be wrong, over and over, the average person would write them off as a false prophet. But as you pointed out, their lack of love for the truth has resulted in a strong delusion being sent.

  2. I agree that strong delusion is at play here but I think we need to be careful in claiming that all followers of these false teachers are false converts. I once believed in dispensational premillenialism because it was the only eschatology to which I was ever exposed. I never heard any alternative explanation of end times prophecy so this made sense to me. The key is a persons reaction when they begin to question the ideas and false assumptions made by these guys. At some point if you love the truth the Lord will begin to open your eyes. I truly believe that every time these guys miss it in a big way like we’ve seen here, thousands of people begin to question the entire eschatological system and thereby start their journey out of the delusion.

    • Steve, i hope you are right, that many (after these prophecy failures) begin to have their eyes opened. One thing i’ve learned from spending time in conversation with dispensationalists is the fact concerning Israel: until they “see” who the real Israel is and always has been, there can be no discussion. Seeing the truth on this topic can only come from the Holy Spirit opening eyes, and through the Word of God.

  3. Good job PJ of exposing these deceived men who in turn deceive others. I imagine lazy, that is, for whatever reason, don’t want to read the Word of God themselves? People just want to sit back and be fed things that sound good to them? They have no desire to seek the Truth for themselves, to pray, to do any of those things a true sincere committed born again Christian would want to do! These people are even too apathetic to even be a Monday morning armchair quarterback…

    Pray, pray and pray some more to Jesus Christ for Revelation of the Truth of His Word, for Understanding, for Knowledge, for Enlightenment and for Wisdom in which will be given liberally to all that ask and seek. All praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour!

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