Church Infected

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned:and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple Rom 16:17-18

The Church Infected

* Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism

*Deception, Prophecy, Judgment, and Idols

* The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult

* The New Breed Doctrine – identifying the false prophets promises

* The Church Infected: NEW BREED – GASPING IN CHURCH

* Todd Bentley and the Hotel Fire in Seattle – Judgment from the ‘Lord’ or ‘Accidental’?

*THE CHURCH INFECTED: A New ‘Era’ and a New Error

*New Age Mystics: Crowder and Dunn:An exercise in Discernment

*Meet ‘The Millstones’ – Apostasy begets…

*THE STUPIDEST THING YET: and that’s saying something…praying for dead

*Counterfeits of the Divine

*Portals, Prophets, Posers, and Visions

  • False Prophets, Apostles and Movements

*The Manifested Sons of God heresy and the New Apostolic Reformation

* Dutch Sheets Repents, and a Word From ‘Local Pastor’

*Rick Joyner: Its not just a revival its a ‘rocket’

* Dominionism in America: Kicking the Kingdom into High Gear

*Fred Price,  Newest false ‘Apostle’


*C. Peter Wagner: ‘Super Apostle’?

*Todd Bentley: Portrait

*Todd Bentley: The Spirit of Rebellion

*The Threshing Floor – “Apostles of Leaven”

*Apostles and Prophets: Validating Modern Claims of Leadership

*When the Angel came – The Branham connection

*The Voice of Truth

*From one set free; The Spirit of Truth Set Me Free From the False Anointing

* Consequences of False Doctrines on a Christian

*“The Untouchables: Are ‘God’s Anointed’ Beyond Criticism?”

*Prepared For The Slaughter: The Disarming Of The Church

* The Anatomy of Deception parts, 1234 5

* Facing the reality of Mixture in the Church!” – Peter Horrobin

*Satan’s Bellwether

*Audio Sermon on deceivers:Run For Your Life!

*Do All Signs and Wonders Determine Truth?

*Nonresistant and Nonpolitical

*‘Judge Rightly’ (is not some guy’s name)

*Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


*Patrica King-“EXTREME” and Dangerous Teachings.

*Stupidity, Biblical Ignorance, False Prophets, Tall Stories

*Kim Clement: “Call Me Crazy, But I’m Hearing God…..”

*False Watchnen-YIKES! Its Only a Scarecrow!

  • Christian Zionism plus…

*First Report: Hagee’s Christians United for Israel Conference


In Defense of Israel, or In Defense of the Gospel?


*Keeping up on CUFI and Hagee

*Christian Zionism, and ‘John Hagee by Brother Steve of Apostasy Watch’

*More on CHRISTIAN ZIONISM, and its bad Fruit…

*Dual Covenant Theology and CUFI

*Review of In Defense of Israel by John Hagee

*Jesus did not come to be the Messiah?

11 comments on “Church Infected

  1. PJ….We love you, PJ we do….

    Seriously, keep it up

  2. Thank you Mariam!

    We love and appreciate you too…

    by the way, if you also lost some of your links to local pastor’s clips, many of his new ones are above. Its a job having to edit out the old to put in the ones which work now, but well worth it!

  3. Great work on this blog! A treasure of information here. Do so appreciate your efforts! This list will keep me busy for quite a while. Thnak you!

  4. Pj
    I’ve got to tell you. I appreciate your work. It works to show Christians they must wake up and fight for their faith.

    Pat Holliday

  5. Thank you both, Rose and Pat, so much–God is good to send us an encouraging word, through his people.

    God bless you both for the encouragement.

  6. I am beginning see a few come through our ministry. They are confused, rejected by their pastors that took them over to Lakeland.

    We ministered to a lady that was raped and almost lost her life. Her pastor called her and said, “This happened to you for coming against Lakeland and your pastor. You are cursed and I mean cursed for life!

    They are bound by the spirit Kundalini. It’s a giant serpent that lodges at the base of the spine. Same spirit that is Eastern Religion.

    One lady described going over to Lakeland and she said when that spirit came on her, it was like the most powerful drug hit that she’d ever experience. She had the Kundalini awakening.

    We prayed for her in the name of Jesus and she was released from this demonic bondage. It was incredible.

    She described that she had been having false gifts operating, visions and dreams. It was only after she was released that she released that it was not the Holy Ghost.

    And there are millions caught in this false anointing and they are being trained by their local pastors to go out into the streets. These people are very evangelistic while many Christians simply warm the pews. May God have mercy.

    Satan is after your soul. Do not willingly give it away to a false prophet.


    Pat holliday

    “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods,” (Psa. 82).

    PATRICIA KING – New Mystics ~ The New Breed ~
    (The Word Mystic means: Shaman, sage, medium spiritualist, magic, paranormal), mystical presence of their god.
    Tribal dancing—pagan festival… apostolic alignment…. Gatekeepers…..
    Pat have you seen this…Patricia King’s Dance club…”Club Mysterio”…It looks soooooooooo pagan…
    Estacasy of God
    DJ Caleb Leading Ekstasis Worship http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAm0hBe7uOo&feature=related
    Patricia King Pat have you seen this…Patricia King’s Dance club…”Club Mysterio”…

    Worship Leader: DJ CALEB
    A Free Extreme Prophetic Event … with DJ Caleb Club Mysterio combinesekstasis worship, beats, electronic musical expressions, dance, prayer and a powerful prophetic flow to create a Christian rave experience. Club Mysterio is not a Night Club, it is a Light Club!

    This new expression of abandoned worship allows you to put feet to your faith as you dance and flow, pressing into the presence of God and experiencing the deep mysteries of intimacy with the Lord…the One who is truly worth raving about!

    Come join DJ Caleb and the Extreme Team as they party with the Holy Spirit…celebrating our awesome God who is so worthy to be praised!


    Pat Holliday

  8. http://www.boblarson.org/

    Oh my, Bob Larson has his own show now…on the Sci-Fi channel. I am watching it now. I think he’s satan himself…it’s called the real exorcist…

  9. I have went to John Crowder and Dunn’s meetig once; they were very diffrent. I however did not thinkabout the weirdness until I seen it on video with there eyes blacked out ect. I also seen the gold dust and the lady with oil and blood coming from the palms of her hands. Again didnt think it was so weird until I read the notes you gave and looked at it I prayed for God to release any spirit’s off of me that may have attached during meeting. God if faithful, King David said blessed are the ones who have not seen but believe by faith by faith our whole walk is by faith alone, and that my brothers and sisters is more than enough for me

  10. Yes, the church is infected alright. With apathy, worldliness, religion that doesn’t change the hearts of men and seeker friendly methods to make everyone comfortable. If Jesus came back today He would shake up our complacency, our lack of spiritual passion and lack of prayer. Why couldn’t Jesus restore what the first Adam lost? Dominion over what God has made under the authority of the King of kings. I believe the last Adam is even stronger than the first. Didn’t He say, “All power is given unto me in heaven and earth”?

  11. Jerry – regrettably eagles always make me feel uneasy as does the word dominion – so do links to Fresh Fire Ministries.

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