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Superstition – The Fruit of Christian Zionism

Many thanks to Steve Lumbley at Apostasy Watch, for this excellent teaching. Hope you’ll check it out. “People come from all over the world to pray at the Wall, the epicenter of God’s presence on earth. We will place your prayer request in the Wall. What will you ask Him?” Is there anything in those […]

Why the “Tea Party” is un-Christian

by Andrew Strom I write this as a conservative evangelical Christian. I am anti-abortion and hold all the usual conservative views. But I have come to believe that the Tea Party is one of the most misguided and misleading movements in America – especially since it claims to be Christian. I saw a piece written […]

Shining the Spot-Light…”Silent Enablers”

I just happened to catch Fox’s Shephard Smith’s comments during the broadcast last week, and knew right away there would be fall-out (watch HERE). Well I certainly called that, for no sooner did I pop over to one of the largest most popular Christian prophecy boards on the Internet that evening, did I read they […]

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