The Befriended Orphans

“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said”:
“No, I will not abandon you as orphans, I will come to you.”
John 14:18

Does the Christian’s path lie all the way through Beulah? No, he is forewarned it is to be one of “much tribulation.”

He has his Marahs as well as his Elims—his valleys of Baca as well as his grapes of Eschol.

Often is he left un-befriended to bear the brunt of the storm—his gourds fading when most needed—his sun going down while it is yet day—his happy home and happy heart darkened in a moment with sorrows with which a stranger (with which often a brother) cannot understand.

There is One Brother “born for adversity” who can.

How often has that voice broken with its silvery accents the muffled stillness of the sick-chamber!

“I will not leave you comfortless: the world may, friends may, the desolations of bereavement and death may; but I will not; you will be alone, yet not alone, for I your Savior and your God will be with you!”

Jesus seems to have a special love and affection for His orphaned and comfortless people. A father loves his sick and sorrowing child most; of all his household, that child occupies most of his thoughts.

Christ seems to delight to lavish His deepest sympathy on “him that has no helper.”

It is in the hour of sorrow His people have found Him most precious; it is in “the wilderness” He speaks most “comfortable unto them;” He gives them “their vineyards from thence”; in the places they least expected, wells of heavenly consolation break forth at their feet.

As Jonathan of old, when faint and weary, had his strength revived by the honey he found dropping in the tangled thicket; so the faint and woe-worn children of God find “honey in the wood”; everlasting consolation dropping from the tree of life, in the midst of the thorniest thickets of affliction.

Comfortless ones, be comforted! Jesus often makes you portionless here in this world, to drive you to Himself, the everlasting portion! He often dries every rill and fountain of earthly bliss, that He may lead you to say, “All my springs are in You.”

“He seems intend,” says one who could speak from experience, “to fill up every gap love has been forced to make; one of his errands from heaven was to bind up the broken-hearted.”

How beautifully in one amazing verse does He conjoin the depth and tenderness of his comfort with the certainty of it—“As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you, and you SHALL be comforted!”

Ah, how many would not have their wilderness-state altered, with all its trials, and gloom, and sorrow, just that they might enjoy the unutterable sympathy and love of this Comforter of the comfortless, one ray of whose approving smile can dispel the deepest earthly gloom!

As the clustering constellations shine with the most intense luster in the midnight sky, so these “words of Jesus” come out like ministering angels in the deep dark night of earthly sorrow. We may see no beauty in them when the world is sunny and bright; but He has laid them up in store for us for the dark and cloudy day.

“These things have I told you, that when the time comes, you may remember that I told you of them.”

by John MacDuff

5 comments on “The Befriended Orphans

  1. thank you Jaunita for this post, we need Jesus, today I felt quite down and anxious as I went to work, you know I am prone to worry. And I tell my self I need to think of good news, not bad news, so I thought of the Resurrection of Jesus, it helps! Jesus is able to comfort us, we need to dwell our thoughts on Him instead of our problems

  2. Good afternoon Lee… or in your part of the world its actually after midnight by now. lol

    I’m sorry to hear you were feeling down, but glad the little word above helped. When I came across it, it encouraged me too. The children of God are in need of encourage-ment today Lee…don’t you agree?

    This is the season in which our enemy appears to be working over-time to wear out, weary, and press down God’s children. But its only for a season my friend… his time is drawing to a close and so is the world’s…as we see it now. In the meantime we DO need to think on the good things of the Lord. You’re right!

    We may be orphans to this world…strangers and aliens on alien soil, but thats ok. For our home is not here anyway. And to the ONE we love and who loves us, our blessed Lord and Savior, we’re comforted on this journey below.

    Thanking our Lord today Lee, for bringing such a good brother like you, into my life.

  3. Great to go through your blog this evenning !

  4. Hello JosephPeter…

    I’m so happy you found something on here that blessed you…

    Please drop by again soon & often.

    God bless you brother…

  5. Will keep on doing that. you can bless me by visiting my blog also.


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