America – The Modern Golden Calf

Isn’t this sad?

Billy Graham last night endorsed Mitt Romney for president, and shortly thereafter, his website was scrubbed of a statement Graham or his organization made calling Mormonism a “cult.”

“It was an honor to meet and host Governor Romney in my home today, especially since I knew his late father former Michigan Governor George Romney, whom I considered a friend,” the 93-year old Christian Evangelist Southern Baptist minister said via a statement. ”I have followed Mitt Romney’s career in business, the Olympic Games, as governor of Massachusetts and, of course, as a candidate for president of the United States.” – (Breaking: Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’)

Especially in light of a previous statement made during his interview with Christianity Today on the topics of Aging, Regrets, and Evangelicals,

Question:If you could, would you go back and do anything differently?

Answer: Yes, of course. I’d spend more time at home with my family, and I’d study more and preach less. I wouldn’t have taken so many speaking engagements, including some of the things I did over the years that I probably didn’t really need to do—weddings and funerals and building dedications, things like that. Whenever I counsel someone who feels called to be an evangelist, I always urge them to guard their time and not feel like they have to do everything.

I also would have steered clear of politics. I’m grateful for the opportunities God gave me to minister to people in high places; people in power have spiritual and personal needs like everyone else, and often they have no one to talk to. But looking back I know I sometimes crossed the line, and I wouldn’t do that now. (emphasis mine) – (Q & A: Billy Graham on Aging, Regrets, and Evangelicals, 1/21/2011)

I truly understand Rick Frueh’s sadness expressed in his newest post, 

My heart grew heavier as I read this article. In 1975 I was born again and God had used a Billy Graham broadcast to help me see who Jesus was. I have been to several Billy Graham crusades and I have met others, including preachers and missionaries, who came to Christ through his preaching and ministry.

And the picture he has (correctly) painted of America – The Modern Golden Calf

My thoughts: More then any other time in Christian history, we must turn away from following after man, especially Christian leaders, and fix our eyes (solely) upon Jesus and (only) follow Him. 

5 comments on “America – The Modern Golden Calf

  1. PJ:

    I don’t believe Billy Graham did say that to Romney, even though some media reported this as if he did.
    And if he was able to say something to that effect, I don’t believe the intent being spun was there.

    First of all, no reporters were present, just Romney, Franklin Graham and Billy Graham.

    Romney aides are the source of that quote – Mark DeMoss a senior Romney aide, Rick Gorka, campaign spokesperson. A reporter looking for confirmation called A. Larry Ross the Graham group PR guru. Ross was not there at that meeting, and don’t bet for a second he is going to contradict a senior aide and campaign spokesperson to a reporter. And I don’t believe A. Larry Ross is going to say, I don’t know. it’s not part of the job description.

    The clincher for me was the statement from the Graham group.

    It’s got Franklin’s fingerprints all over it. Billy Graham doesn’t talk that way, any more than he talked about the marriage thing for North Carolina.

    Billy Graham is 93, with Parkinsons and a lot of other medical problems.

    Look at the sources.
    And the timing.
    Who benefits from putting words in Billy Grahams mouth even more than Romneys people?
    Who is widely believed by family, former co-workers and others to have done so before?

    Yeah, it is sad, but not for the reasons being shoved at the public.

    • It’s got Franklin’s fingerprints all over it.

      You know Bene, that thought went through my mind too. Billy is elderly and very frail now (from what i’ve read) and i can certainly see Franklin openly endorsing a political candidate (in this case Romney) in “his dad’s name”. Franklin Graham has shown himself to be very vocal politically and doesn’t hesitate to align himself with right wing extremists.

      What a shame, on his part, it would be to know he is misrepresenting his own dad.

  2. My thoughts: More then any other time in Christian history, we must turn away from following after man, especially Christian leaders, and fix our eyes (solely) upon Jesus and (only) follow Him.

    So sad – but true Pj 😦

    • Amen Sylvia. If the last few years have shown us anything its that no matter how big a Christian leader may be, he/she too can slip into promoting false teachings and or doctrines.

      Regrettably, i learned my lesson on this subject very well when my pastors, whom i loved dearly, suddenly began to steer the church into false doctrines. I watched demonic spirits literally take over the church. My last year there was the most miserable year of my life.

  3. Billy Graham openly endorsed Oral Roberts and Robert Shuller and he often quoted the Pope and called pope John Paul a great Christian. I have no trouble believing this report although I believe Franklin probably had been steering him with his Obama is a Muslim rhetoric.

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