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Has bad Theology duped us into supporting Terrorism and Oppression?

Not many days go by without seeing some sort of “Stand with Israel” image pop up into my Facebook news feed. And, each time it does, my heart grieves over the fact that so many of my fellow Christians have been taken in by this new and dangerous theology, and in so duped into supporting […]

Antichrist: One or Many?

Few words bring to mind such fear as those who look for an “Antichrist” to lead the forces of Satan against the Son of God in a great apocalyptic conflagration in the final days. The dramatists of the left behind religions of our day predict the terrible end of the world in a horrific battle […]

Why the Early Church Finally Rejected Premillennialism

By Charles E. Hill – (Source: Aletheuo) Chiliasm is the ancient name for what today is known as premillennialism, the belief that when Jesus Christ returns he will not execute the last judgment at once, but will first set up on earth a temporary kingdom, where resurrected saints will rule with him over non-resurrected subjects […]

A Simple Test for Distinguishing Heresy from Sound Doctrine

PyroManiacs: Your weekly dose of Spurgeon It is a remarkable fact that all the heresies which have arisen in the Christian Church have had a decided tendency to dishonor God and to flatter man. They have always had for their covert, if not for their open aim, the exaltation of human nature, and the casting […]

The Genesis 12:1-3 Question Ignites a Firestorm (again)

Looks like this bishop stepped in it: U.S. Bishop Says Jews Have No ‘Exclusive Right’ To Israel quote.. A special Vatican meeting on the Middle East ended Saturday (Oct. 23) with a flare-up in Catholic-Jewish tensions, after an American bishop declared the Bible does not give Jews privileged rights to the land of Israel. “We […]

The Terrible Doctrine of the Remnant

Remnant – a usually small part, member, or trace remaining : a small surviving group: a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists (Rom 9:27) Isaiah also cries concerning Israel, “though the numbers of the sons of Israel is as the sands of the sea, a remnant shall be saved.’ […]

Eternity has fallen out of vogue, even in the church…

Rick Frueh has posted a very timely message, which I hope is only the first of a series. It concerns lost doctrines, of which there are many. Lost, in the since that the Western Church no longer sees them as vitally important. I came face to face with this concerning the blood of Christ some […]

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Music from Broken Chords

Down in the human heart, crush'd by the tempter, Feelings lie buried that grace can restore; Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness Chords that were broken will vibrate once more. From the Hymn "Rescue the Perishing" by Fanny J. Crosby

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