Rick Joyner’s newest organization

Someone (sorry, can’t recall who) mentioned in another thread Joyner’s interest in politics recently. I agreed its been evident he has been skirting the idea of becoming more actively involved for some time. Frankly, I don’t think its just Joyner, but others within the NAR movement, as was shown during the last election season when so many of them sent out prophetic words and letters concerning Sarah Palin.

Anyway, I came across this today at Elijah List and thought it was interesting: Rick Joyner Calls Christian Leaders Together for Unity, Strategy and Prayer

It appears he recently hosted a summit at MorningStar Ministries in which a new organization was ‘born’.


Almost two months ago we held a summit of Christian leaders at Heritage to address the major crises facing America, and the Church in America. It was an extraordinary gathering that has already been called historic and possibly gathered hundreds of leaders from the most diverse movements and denominations ever.

Christian businessmen and Christian politicians who want to learn about what we are doing and be a part of it. Obviously, we have stirred up something that has created a great deal of interest.

The desire for the Body of Christ in the U.S. to unite may be unprecedented, and it seems to be growing. This is a general brief on the organization that was born at this summit. This is being circulated for informational purposes, as well as to receive input from others who feel called to be a part of this.

At the summit, I was given a mandate to work with Mat Staver to form an umbrella organization for the sake of addressing the major crises that we came together to address at Heritage. In discussing this with Mat, we both felt that unifying what he was doing and what we came together for at Heritage was a bit premature, but felt we should pursue a close association.

(*Mat Staver: lawyer, academic, professor, and former Seventh Day Adventist pastor. Founding member and Chairman of Liberty Counsel since 1989 and dean of Liberty University School of Law since 2006.–  see: What Pastors can and cannot do politically)

…We began our own organizational meeting on June 4 that included Anna Jane Joyner, Mark Nuttle, Nicholas Papanicalau, Gordon Pennington, Samuel Rodriguez, Lou Sheldon and myself (Samuel and Nicholas participated by conference call). We met for nine hours and accomplished a great deal in laying the foundation for an organization that could truly have a historic impact in our times.

…the Articles of Incorporation will be more specific, but this is just to give you an idea of what we feel called to organize. As one of the incorporators expressed, we are called to emphasize the vertical aspect of the Cross first—seeking God’s will and favor; and emphasize the horizontal aspect of the Cross second—which is influence with men.

Even so, because the horizontal aspect is on the table as part of our mandate, we concluded that we need to incorporate both a 501(c)(3) organization and a 501(c)(4)  for mobilizing political action.

more here

Though I have some thoughts on where this may be heading, and that’s all they are, thoughts, I’ll keep them to myself for now.

13 comments on “Rick Joyner’s newest organization

  1. Here is a line by line comment on this new attempt to grab power and aggrandize his own perceived authority.
    # 2. “We will seek the Kingdom first. We want any worldly or political influence to be from a foundation of keeping the interests of the Kingdom as manifest in the Body of Christ, first.” ………………………………………………………………………………This is the assumption that the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Caesar have any mutual interests to begin with. They don’t, and involvement in the political arena always demands a compromise that Jesus advised against. “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”, and, “MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!”

    #3. “We concur that the growing crises of our times are beyond human remedy, and we are in need of Divine wisdom and help for resolving them.”

    .. and of course it is I who is anointed to solve these problems and crises. Who appointed Joyner here.? Why he did. It’s only natural.

    #4.” A primary goal is to awaken the Church and prepare her for the times, standing upon the solid foundation that can withstand the storms and help save others including our nation from catastrophe.”

    Same principle. You need us. We are your anointed deliverers.

    # 5. “To be prepared for the times, the Church must come into the unity that she is called to have, functioning as one unified Body with many different members, which have different mandates and visions that must not be sacrificed, but enhanced by the strength of unity. ”

    __ ” Facilitating this is basic to our mandate.”___”….that would be “Come together right now!..OVER ME!”

    So who empowered Joyner to “facilitate Unity?” If you believe this dribble, a thinly veiled popish ambition, then does it not stand to reason, that he believes he is to have authority over those “facilitated” into one ORGANIZATION?

    # 6. Primary to this unity is establishing strong and effective communications between the different members of the Body of Christ for mobilization and unified action.

    Again, by controlling the “communications”, and the pressuring into a Universal authority as a mandate to push for UNITY, he establishes himself as the de facto leader for “unified action”. In Europe, they have a name for this fellow. The Pope.

    # 7. “The Church is called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, therefore, it is the Church’s mandate to illuminate and help preserve the godly foundations that society is built upon and have answers to the world’s crises and problems. We believe that the Church must be vitally engaged in the public debate from a strong foundation of being “a city set on a hill,” living in the light and displaying it.”

    Babel had a king, that’s all. The Roman senate had the exact sentiments. It’s called order, and let us never confuse this with “Godly foundations and “living in the light. Babylonian humanistic double talk.

    # 8. The “Gospel of the Kingdom” which must be preached throughout the world before the end of this age is “good news” and is a hope that will never disappoint. Our message must be one of hope based on the greatest hope of all—that God so loved the world that He would give His only Son for its salvation.”

    Number 1 and number 8 were tokens of a more acceptable gospel, written as sugar to sandwich and modify the veiled lusts for power in its sweetness…like a sugar coating on gall. This really sounded more like a communist manifesto, with all the veiled innuendo’s that meant another thing than implied.

    “Again, THIS IS MY OWN articulation of general principles discussed from our organizational meeting, as well as the communication I have received from many of the delegates to the summit. These are general, and the Articles of Incorporation will be more specific, but this is just to give you an idea of what we feel called to organize. As one of the incorporators expressed, we are called to emphasize the vertical aspect of the Cross first—seeking God’s will and favor; and emphasize the horizontal aspect of the Cross second—which is influence with men……”

    Oh yeah…the cross first. Didn’t George Bush say that?

    Proposed Articles of Incorporation

    The organization will be established to:

    * Promote and reaffirm Biblical Christian principles of righteousness, justice and truth……
    under him..

    * Promote Christian unity….

    ……………………………….under him, of course

    * Promote and defend the right to life.

    * Defend Christianity against slander and/or misrepresentation.

    * Mobilize and empower Christians, churches and Christian organizations to address the great crises of our times with a message of hope, vision and workable solutions based on sound Biblical principles and perspectives.

    …. Joyner’s vision, solutions, and principles, of course.

    * Cooperate with those of other religious persuasions on issues of mutual interests.

    WORK WITH ANY AND ALL CULTS , BE THEY ROMAN, ISLAMIC, HINDI OR MORMON. The means justifies the end. Power for the false apostles. They want the world, just like Rome.

    * Advocate Christian principles by all available media as determined by the officers or directors of the organization.

    …..Power to the apostles

    * Provide educational and promotional materials in furtherance of the purposes of this organization

    ….power to the apostles
    * Raise money, invest and spend it in furtherance of the purposes of the organization.

    ….power to the apostles
    * Promote good stewardship of the environment.

    …..new age mother Earth religion, global warming BS, and it’s socialist one world agenda.

    * Promote and defend the treatment of all people with dignity and respect regardless of race, creed, culture, political views or social agenda.

    ……one world. the true gospel is offensive…and the blood divides as the only way to heaven.

    * Promote and defend the right to economic freedom with moral responsibility.

    ????double talk for leftists only.

    * Promote financial integrity which complies with Biblical principles of stewardship.

    Tithe, tithe, tithe.

    * Promote and defend the right of all to an education that is free from violations of their moral or religious beliefs. .

    ………that is pure New age humanism, the gospel of Warren and Obama. No gospel message to say, Muslims on their journey to Hades; it is offensive and beneath their dignity. I say it’s ANTI-CHRIST not to.

    * Address and promote the healing of historic wounds and offenses between Christians and other religions, races and cultures.

    ….New age dribble. Healing of past sins….new age guilt and the Oprah gospel!

    * Defend the right of parents to raise their children according to their religious beliefs, culture and moral values.

    …..again, Universalism. Sounds more like the British new age socialistic constitution.

    * Defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights as the foundation of our civil government.

    ……all the leftists have used this as their right to permissiveness, including the right to murder the unborn, and the elevation of rebellious sodomy as pure and natural, to be taught in our schools, and they are! It’s of course not all bad, but taken in context with this socialist, humanist agenda as outlined above, and you get my drift. This has nothing to do with the church or the gospel message as we know it, but has a form of religion that is purely counterfeit; one free of the Blood, and the holiness of being born from above, morphed into a reconstructive political socialist, One world agenda.

    This is an anti-christ; one of many. Thanks for bearing with me, but i thought this needed to be said.

    • Excellent break-down Tom!

      These guys and their 7 mountain mandate need to be watched. They are working behind the scenes to try and infiltrate and place their own people in all 7 of these areas–including government.

      It won’t surprise me to see a 3rd political party emerge in the future, with Joyner and other members of the NAR somehow involved.

      Over the past few months, Joyner’s “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” videos have taken on a significant change. They have become very political…


  2. little men with big plans and God just laughs at them. God will do what God has always done. Work His plan until He has finished what He planned before time. When He has finished, all will be under His rule, His way and man will marvel at their shallowness and lack of perception.

  3. This has got to be one of the broadest agendas out there. Who sits down and makes up an agenda like this? Can you think of one topic or issue that was NOT included in this manifesto?( We are going to uphold the constitution, while saving the environment, fix the whole religious diversity thing, address poverty, abortion, on and on and on.) They just decided to tell people exactly what they want to hear. The term itching ears comes to mind.

  4. Hi SFB – you forgot – getting a doctrine on divorce – see here article 15.6.09 Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner they need to get one.
    RJ must be really busy – http://towerlife.org/index.php/a_great_location/

  5. This has got to be one of the broadest agendas out there. Who sits down and makes up an agenda like this? Can you think of one topic or issue that was NOT included in this manifesto?

    aha.. Everything but the kitchen sink.

    I was glad Tom broke it down, cause i just didn’t have the energy to go through it all.

    Like rick said:

    little men with big plans and God just laughs at them

  6. With Sarah Palin stepping down as governor and now this from Rick Joyner, makes one wonder what is going on?

    He did a video in March 2009, saying he had talked with her. Here is the link:

    Wonder what they are planning for the 2012 election? Most people probably do not know this but a candidate for the 2010 governor for Ohio is Todd Kritzwiser a person that backs the New Apostolic Reformation’s Seven Mountains Mandate.

    Here is his website:


    He is on staff at Kingsway Fellowship in Batavia, Ohio. Their school is affiliated
    with the Wagner Leadership Institute and they are a member of the SOMA Family of Ministry. The lead apostle of SOMA is Mark Pfeifer who is the coordinator of the Ohio Apostolic Council which is a part of Dutch Sheets’ organization “United States Alliance for Reformation.”

    This is a link to their website:


    You may want to see if your state has an established apostolic council.


    I wonder how many other candidates for government offices across the United States are members of the NAR?

    • Thanks for the video and links…

      I recall watching that clip with Joyner back a few months ago, being surprised to hear him say he had spoken to Palin.

    • Newt Gingrich, the leader and architect of the “contract with America” in 1994, and former Speaker of the House, has formally “came out” as a Roman Catholic…. [ thereby renouncing his former Baptist faith ], as has Sam Brownback, the Kansas senator and former Methodist protege of Gingrich.

      The point I am getting at, in listening to Joyner, is that Roman Catholicism has become the new face of radical conservatism in America, and make no mistake about it; Ecumenism, or the acceptance of “interfaith unity”, is just as good for them to grind out their dominance. Palin, and the other congressmen he refers to in Washington, may or may not be Catholic; but they become willing tools in their hands anyway when they accept the notion that the end justifies the means; and form political alliances to champion their agendas; IE: conservatism.

      Rick Joyner states:

      # 5. “To be prepared for the times, the Church must come into the unity that she is called to have, functioning as one unified Body with many different members, which have different mandates and visions that must not be sacrificed, but enhanced by the strength of unity. ”

      “Cooperate with those of other religious persuasions on issues of mutual interests.”

      This my friends, is a clinical and pristine definition concerning exactly what Ecumenism means . All of the cooperation is done by those who bow under the boot heel of the Pope. The Romans bow to no one. They win. This is the new face of the Republican party.

      Joyner’s “cooperation”simply means “sell out”, or in my case, would mean “deny Christ”, in order to attain my own goals.

      It appears that Joyner has chosen politics along with the “Pastoral ministry” as his path to success. Both , in his hands are exceedingly deceitful and a thinly veiled grasp for his bottomless lust for personal power. I imagine his envy upon seeing Rick Warren up there invoking the blessing upon Obama, at the very throne of American authority. “That’s what I want!” He needs a collar and the crimson robe of the Cardinal to make him happy.

  7. Sorry, the last two links only take you to the home page of their website. Enter the site and you will see state information.

  8. VIDEO: Emerging Church The Road to Rome – Roger Oakland

    Broad agendas. This brother believes that this is exquisitely designed, as a tool of infiltration from the Roman Catholics themselves. It’s the old divide and conquer strategy; after the church is conditioned to compromise into Ecumenicalism by accepting any humanistic agenda, however noble and right that it may appear, it then opens the door to a broader apostasy, as “the henchman waiteth” for those who stumble. I have long suspected that Joyner and even IHOP was receiving cash from the Vatican and as I said; I know that he has [ Joyner ] been the headliner at ALL Catholic events and obviously is a member of a secret para-Catholic society. [ Malta Knights ]

    This explains the obvious departure from any Gospel message at all by Morningstar. by weakening the fiber of faith , even in a smaller piecemeal fashion, The Romans then have less real and true resistance, as has been noted in this evil power grab here. It is truly an anti-Christ agenda….ANTI-CHRIST and ANTI-GOSPEL, and I would not be surprised if the Vatican were not chipping in the lions share to insure it’s survival.

    Like any good investigator the “Follow the Cash ” philosophy gets results. The Vatican wolves however are masters of disguise, and you’ll never knew what hit you until it’s too late. It’s impossible to trace the cash, probably, and to me, it’s a lesser issue. I know them by their deeds and their teachings, and I see a forked tongue every time I turn East….[ Charlotte ]

  9. Rick Joyner knows her personally and has been to her house as she invited him [Sarah Palin} He said she was interested in prophecy. He ministered at a church there where she lives. He also is in contact with senators and in the past made trips to Washington DC. I heard him say at least one called him of course it had to be a teapartier. He has nothing but good things to say about Palin and says she is not like people think she is, speaks so highly of her he said once that she is presidental

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