Evander Holyfield allegedly hits Wife over Tithing

Bizarre story. (embedded links to videos added by me)

From the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department, Candi Holyfield, wife of Evander Holyfield, has been granted a temporary restraining order against the boxer for hitting her. Why? Because she would not prove to her husband that she was tithing. According to court documents, Mrs. Holyfield asserted that after complaining about being cold in their mansion (had heating bill been paid?), Holyfield told her that she “needed to put God first in her life” and asked to see her checkbook to see if she had been tithing. When she refused, Holyfield hit her several times.

This story is very disturbing on several levels. It is indicative of what I term the “brittle theology” of the prosperity gospel, which requires adherents to tithe, give extra monetary offerings, and believe God no matter what the person’s financial situation really is. Holyfield has been in the press for the last several years in part because of his financial problems, namely potential foreclosure, bankruptcy, and his insistence on tithing.

His pastor, Creflo Dollar, a prominent prosperity gospel purveyor, was subpoenaed in Holyfield’s divorce from his second wife because of her allegations that Holyfield had donated seven million to Dollar’s ministry. Dollar refused, but escaped contempt of court charges when the divorce case was settled.

Dollar’s unyielding stance on tithing despite economic circumstances undoubtedly has had an effect upon Holyfield. In January, Holyfield filed to pay less child support to some of his eleven children, noting financial difficulties. I wonder if World Changers International, Dollar’s church, has received its January and February tithe check from Holyfield. more


7 comments on “Evander Holyfield allegedly hits Wife over Tithing

  1. One thing is very true about this article. You can’t make this stuff up! Whatever happened to the truths contained in II Corinthians 9:7? “Each one must give as he has made up his mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”

    PJ, have you seen this most awful video of Creflo Dollar teaching on the importance of tithing?

    In this video, Creflo says that if he “wasn’t under the blood of Jesus,” he’d apprehend all the non-tithers in his church, line them up, and shoot them to death with uzis. He also says, “If you take the time to tithe, and tithe correctly, it’s impossible to go to hell” (1:50 mark), “because if you’re doing all of that, man, tithing will keep you in heaven. It will keep you in the presence of God.”

    Creflo also says (2:20 mark), “Your tithe is your covenant connector. I’m telling you that all the promises that God ever gave you, you cannot get them without being connected to them with the tithe. I’m telling you the only way you’re going to get hooked up to healing is through the tithe. I’m telling you the only way you’re going to get hooked up to prosperity, deliverance, or any promise in the Word of God is through the tithe.”

    Unbelievable heresy! He has no shame in proclaiming that all of the provisions of salvation are not found in the cross of Jesus Christ, but rather through the act of tithing. With a false shepherd like this, it’s no wonder that Holyfield is lost and deceived; although God can save Him in spite of this, and I pray that He will.

    P.S. I originally came across this video here:


    • That man is disgusting! What a WOLF!!!!

      Both of my sons went to Creflo Dollar’s church with a group from our church to attend a men’s conference back 10 years ago. Adam, my instinct was to tell them not to go…to warn them; but i never said a word. Some things in our walk we just have to learn first hand from experience. And after all they were both adults.

      To make a long story short, the youngest son called his wife early on day 2 begging her to drive to Georgia to pick him up, (lol)….the oldest came back with stories about body guards, men running to the altar throwing 10, 20, or 100 dollar bills at “Creflo’s feet”… etc.

      One of the other men who attended from our church brought back a ‘friend’ who manifested itself during our Sunday morning service. I heard later [from my oldest son] this ugly manifesting had went on inside the van on the entire trip back to KY. (growling, yelling and carrying on).

      You couldn’t pay me to walk into Creflo Dollar’s church..

    • Wow, what a story, PJ, about the experiences your sons had! I sure hope your son’s friend repented and was delivered from the “friend” he picked up at the conference. Of course, according to Creflo, the only way he could obtain that deliverance would be to pay a tithe.

      What a story! Yes, I can see why no amount of money could convince you to sit under Creflo $$$.

  2. Of course, according to Creflo, the only way he could obtain that deliverance would be to pay a tithe.

    ahahaha…. 🙂 True.

    All kidding aside, the guy needed a lot of help. It sure wasn’t a pretty sight.

  3. Anyone know where this sermon can be found without that supremely annoying music background?

  4. PJ, a couple weeks ago you rightly declared Creflo Dollar to be a disgusting man. Well, I came across something a little bit ago that further vindicates your words. In this clip, Creflo actually says that Christian married couples–when they have sex with each other–are also having sex with Jesus. Unbelievably, he twists the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats in Matthew 25 to come to his very sick conclusions:

    As bad as that video is, this next one is worse. I’m bringing this to your attention because I know that during the last few months you’ve said a couple times that you don’t keep up with the “Christian Mystics” crowd so much anymore. Well, this is a very interesting development. In this clip, Brandon Barthrop (Red Letter Ministries) also teaches about having sex with Jesus. Only he’s even more graphic and obscene than Creflo is. WARNING: this is perverse and nauseating:

    I don’t blame you if you only watch a minute or two of that video, but what makes this a very interesting development is that John Crowder actually created a weekly video in order to rebuke him for it (not by name, but Brandon is clearly his target). In doing so, Crowder actually comes across as caring about sound doctrine and holiness (we’ll see how long that lasts):

    It’s kind of funny that John Paul Jackson, Patricia King, and now John Crowder have taken it upon themselves recently to engage in apologetics and to rebuke some of their own. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this, but I hope I didn’t spoil your midnight snack or your breakfast 🙂

  5. jesus said that he is the way not man keep your on jesus.

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