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The Broad-way, the Narrow Way, and Abuse

This was shared with me by Teresa at Facebook this evening. I hope you will follow the link and read it all—it’s very much worth reading. As I commented back to her, the narrow road is definitely less traveled these days and can be, on occasion, a “lonely” road.  From A Cry for Justice, by […]

Rick Wiles: Obama May Declare Himself God in Israel

Well, well, well…haven’t heard about this nut in awhile. Last I heard about this wolf in sheep’s clothing he was pleading for $1,000,000 to start up a 24 hour Christian Patriotic news network and was “possibly” involved in some sort of controversy concerning a tent he collected money for. I say “possibly” because the truth of that […]

Jesus said there will come men who will speak claiming their authority is from me…

“Jesus said there will come men who will speak claiming their authority is from me…There will come men who will speak in my Name. That is, I am supposedly saying this to you — that’s a very important phrase! They are going to come and say I’m speaking to you in my Name, they will […]


A special report posted at Apprising Ministries can be read here. quote… Some may view Pastor Jones as a patriot. Using the Biblical standard, he is no pastor. His message and actions are unbiblical. Using the First Ammendment as protection for his unbiblical actions is defrauding the The Scriptures. A wolf in sheeps’ clothing. Congratulations […]

Ole Anthony looks at the ministry of Jesse Duplantis

If you’ve never heard of Ole Anthony you might enjoy reading this article, God doesn’t need Ole Anthony. From Fox8Live Ole Anthony’s been investigation religion since the mid 1980’s. Anthony said, “There’s more fraud committed in America in the name of God than any other fraud. And that’s is just not right.” Anthony heads the […]

Evander Holyfield allegedly hits Wife over Tithing

Bizarre story. (embedded links to videos added by me) From the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department, Candi Holyfield, wife of Evander Holyfield, has been granted a temporary restraining order against the boxer for hitting her. Why? Because she would not prove to her husband that she was tithing. According to court documents, Mrs. Holyfield asserted that after complaining […]

Pastor Ed Young’s Church in a nose-dive

The author of the article blames greed and lack of accountability for Mega-Pastor Ed Young’s problems. While I’m sure its true that both are a huge factor, this guy has had serious issues for awhile. Prominent Grapevine pastor linked to luxury: NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES DALLAS — Not long ago, the Fellowship Church in Grapevine was […]

Unholy Trinity

Its been a long time since I tuned in to any of the Christian television networks…so this was an interesting read for me. It appears by John MacArthur’s newest article, nothings changed except for the fact the wolves are multiplying. I don’t watch much television, and when I do I generally avoid the Trinity Broadcasting […]

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Accused of Lying, Urged to Resign

Prominent social conservative activist Tony Perkins has again been publicly accused by other social conservatives of lying to his donor base. Former Boston and Los Angeles radio host Gregg Jackson, the best-selling author of “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies” along with David Jeffers, author of “Understanding Evangelicals” are warning the pro-life grassroots that Tony Perkins, […]

Greedy dogs and Manipulators

This evening I happen to catch a clip concerning a new ad being shown on TV in the Southern States, and was appalled that the person behind this late-night running ad, (actually it’s an infomercial) was a Christian–and he was using his ministry as a front. Before I get to that, I wanted to say […]

Rick Wiles Pleads for $1 Million to Launch 24 Hour Christian Patriotic News Network

If you’re acquainted with Rick Wiles and TruNews Christian Radio, you might find this of interest. Personally I find it disgusting. An internet ‘Christian’ radio station attempting to manipulate the elderly by using fear tactics, makes me sick. This guy is not only promoting the false  ‘Patriot Christian movement’, he’s a wolf… Posted by Steve […]

Twisting Scripture

The Watchman Expositor offers a few thoughts on scripture twisting, cults, and false teachers, which I’d like to share. They are excellent reminders of the wolves and false teachers among us, who actually use God’s word (though in error) to support their teachings. I’d like to add an observation first. False teachers, prophets, and cult’s […]

Lee Grady speaks out on the Todd Bentley “Bulletin” (plus..)

You can read it all here: The Tragic Scandal of Greasy Grace quote.. This week’s announcement about evangelist Todd Bentley’s hasty remarriage and restoration is sending a confusing message to the church… …it is outrageous that Shonnah Bentley, Todd’s first wife, does not seem to be an issue in the current discussion. Her name is […]

Watchmen on the Wall

This evening I came across a message I remembered reading back when it was first posted in 2004. It was impressed upon my spirit then, and even more as I re-read it again tonight. I have never witnessed a time more, when we need to be alert and watching, and when many Christians seem to […]

Peter Wagner and ‘the religious spirit’ plus, a warning from Tozer

Over the last few months I’ve noticed, as I’m sure you have also, that Wagner and his Dominionist Apostle posse, plus those associated with them (Patricia King, etc) have been ‘warning’ about a religious spirit. Its obvious these ‘religious spirit’ warnings have been their way to retaliate against those who have been exposing their false […]

TD Jakes becomes a conduit for false homosexual theology

A shocking message and video was posted today by Pastor Foster at GCM Watch: TD Jakes becomes a conduit for false homosexual theology. Quote.. Its a sad and tragic thing that someone who has been proclaimed by the liberal media as the next Billy Graham is actually a false prophet with homosexual issues. The sad […]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

More information, which raises further questions about the Revival in Lakeland today at Wolf Tracks, Sheep flock from all over the world to be with the wolf. Included in the post was a link to a very good article written by Jesse Morrell: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Recognizing a false teacher by specific characteristics) I […]

Firsthand testimony from a Todd Bentley Fresh Fire Ministries Conference

In light of the post; A FALSE HEALING REVIVAL? which contained a warning from Andrew Strom concerning the ‘healing revival’ with Todd Bentley, going on now in Lakeland Florida, I went looking for any further information on both the man and the revival. EndTimePropheticWords at wordpress has posted three interesting posts on this. I would […]

Ministry Watch Weighs In on Copeland Ministries and U.S. Senator

Will this ever be resolved?…not if Copeland sticks to what he said; ‘over my dead body’ blah blah blah..(what a cry baby) Got over yourself Copeland and cooperate for the sake of the integrity of The Church! He won’t, but will continue to dance the ‘slippery side-step’ because his focus is on looking out for […]

Kenneth Copeland’s ‘Petty’ Behavior

What is this man doing, and why? Instead of just cooperating with this investigation he wants to be childishly petty now. Why not cooperate, and in doing so help to restore accountability, integrity and honesty to the Church, which for some time now has been seriously lacking? No, of course not! That would be asking […]

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