Might find this interesting….

Inside each blog dashboard is a section which tells you the most searched for topics by people Googling. Last evening I noticed what the most searched topic was and was shocked. This is what topic Christians are looking for information on:

prayer for money, prayer for money miracle, money angels, prayer to angel of god for money

Does this shock or surprise anyone else?

7 comments on “Might find this interesting….

  1. No one can serve two masters…

  2. I wonder if they are typing those words in to see if they can find Biblical Support in order to back up what most preachers try to sell them. Hopefully these people are finding Biblical Support of Scriptures to show the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. Do you remember that one video of a woman who proves through Scripture how it is the works of the devil… I think she called it: The Angel of Finance. It was a very good video.

  3. Shows you where the mind of most Christians is at, doesn’t it. On “getting” money.

    • They need to follow in their teachers steps and make lots of money, of course. Such silly people they are!

  4. Very sad, though this is very telling where one’s heart is? Look to those heavenly things and focus on Jesus Christ while using the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we should.

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