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Scofield’s Bible: Handbook for Genocide & Re-defining the darkness of fraud, conspiracy and heresy

I’ve been following a series posted at For the Love of His Truth blog and wanted to share the links.  Someone may consider one or both parts already posted to be quite controversial, in fact, one or both may even ruffle some feathers: but I look at controversial Christian messages and studies in this manner: […]

Cross in the Closet: Straight Christian Lives a Year as Gay Man

In his Nashville Christian church, Timothy Kurek was taught the lesson of God’s wrath in the Biblical story of “Sodom and Gomorrah,” and he believed that homosexuality was a sin. “You learned to be very afraid of God,” said Kurek. According to the preachings of his church, “The loving thing to do is to tell […]

Is Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?

Someone emailed this to me right after Christmas, and as it is a controversial topic in many Christian circles, I decided to hold off posting it until after the holidays. Well the holidays are over and there’s nothing like a good sticky topic to start off the new year right! I joke, but its actually […]

The Dark Side of Joseph

You may find this as interesting as I did, though admittedly, it’s very controversial. Posted by Mishel at Deception Bytes: “Was Joseph really a type of Christ or a type and shadow of the coming AntiChrist?  The following article is used by permission from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. It is a fascinating […]

Explaining the Unexplainable

Beside the terrible tragedy surrounding this story, we are left with the question of why. Why things like this occur among God’s people. I don’t have an answer. I recall a similar account years ago,  shortly after joining Christian author Chip Bogden’s fellowship, The WayStation. A member had posted a prayer request for the family […]

Church Under Fire for Gay Exorcism

I’ve been following the controversy surrounding this story. The video clip on youtube is 9 minutes plus long. I would recommend, once it starts, moving the little bar up to the 4 minute mark: Gay Exorcism The Full Version Charisma: A Connecticut church has come under fire for a YouTube video showing ministry leaders attempting […]

Torture Needs You

This is a very thought provoking article. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it all. Below are a few portions: From Religion Dispatches, Torture Needs You During his first week in office, President Obama issued an order to close the Guantánamo Bay Detention Center within a year, and the collective sigh of relief […]

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