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Abrahams Blessing – The Dispensationalist Dilemma

Excellent bible teaching by Steve Lumbley at Apostasy Watch. The question before us is this: should one interpret the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament or should one interpret the New Testament by the Old Testament? Dispensationalism rests largely on the latter while I (and the authors of the New Testament) believe the […]


A few points from chapter four of Mauro’s book, The Gospel of the Kingdom: CHAPTER FOUR THE BEGINNING OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD THE words of our chapter heading are the first words of the Gospel by Mark. They are enlightening words; and indeed they are quite sufficient in themselves […]

She Who Rides On The Beast

An important word for the Church in the West; She Who Rides On The Beast

“If The Foundations Be Destroyed…?”

While there are any number of messages I’ve encouraged readers here to listen to and/or read, all of them excellent, this is one I have no problem with saying is truly prophetic. Sensing this in my spirit as strongly as I do, friends I do encourage you to read the intro and listen to this […]

Are You Easy Prey for False Prophets?

By Holly Pivec The Bible is clear: false prophets are wolves that devour unsuspecting sheep. Jesus said: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15) And the apostle Paul had this to say about false teachers. “I know that after my departure fierce wolves will […]

American Evangelicalism and the Hebrew Roots Movement

Barth Notes has an interesting article up concerning the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast and Pastor Wiley Drake. You may recall Drake being in the news some time back for his “infamous devotion to “imprecatory prayers” against his political opponents, and his admission that he regularly prays for President Obama’s death” But what caught my attention were […]

The White Horse Prophecy

I remember reading this years ago and thinking it read like a Fairytale sprinkled with a little Nostradamus. Anyway, a copy of this ‘prophecy’ was in my email today so I decided to pass it along to anyone who might be interested. (If you’re not aware, the White Horse Prophecy refers to a prediction made […]

Enthroning a Latter-Rain Altar Presence on the White House Lawn

Glad to see Dr. Orrel Steinkamp has taken on the task of exposing this heresy.. David’s Tent DC:  Enthroning a Latter-Rain 24/7 Altar Presence on the White House Lawn During an Election Season Very few Christians or unbelievers have any idea of the significance of the term “David’s Tent.” Nevertheless, various affiliate organizations of the […]

Why I Left Scofieldism

Cathy has posted a very interesting message by author William E. Cox. From what I found during a search, this was written in the 1960’s. Reading through it, I could totally relate to the author’s struggle, his need to “dismantle” his theology and rebuild it based solely on God’s Word.     quote… Breaking away from […]

Dominionist Dutch Sheets: in Search of Warriors

quote..  We have been reporting on last week’s Gathering of Eagles in Washington, D.C. where the Family Research Council teamed up with “Apostle” Cindy Jacobs to launch a prayer campaign designed to influence the 2012 elections. The event was vivid evidence of the Religious Right’s willingness to embrace the radical dominionists of the New Apostolic […]


A Marriage Made in Heaven on Earth A Political Parable by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp (Herescope) “The Bride [of Christ] has combat boots on. I said, the Bride of Christ has combat boots on under her wedding dress. . . .” – Bill Hamon[2] Political Perry has proposed marriage to Dominique (NAR & IHOP apostles and prophets) […]

Christian crusaders cash in: Jay Sekulow’s family, firm collect millions

Interesting article at the Tennessean (HT)

“If It Quacks Like a Duck…” – The Dominionism Cover-Up

There is a considerable amount of backpeddling going on now that Dominionism has made the national news. A chorus of establishment media have stuck their heads into the sand are are blindly crying, “Dominionism? What dominionism? I don’t see any Dominionism!” Most of these reporters who have never heard of it didn’t bother to take […]

Jesus said there will come men who will speak claiming their authority is from me…

“Jesus said there will come men who will speak claiming their authority is from me…There will come men who will speak in my Name. That is, I am supposedly saying this to you — that’s a very important phrase! They are going to come and say I’m speaking to you in my Name, they will […]

Michael Horton: The Politics of Enthusiasm

At the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton has written an excellent article Just as the Iowa straw-poll concluded last Saturday, with Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul taking first and second place, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy. Happily, the kingdom of Christ is neither threatened nor furthered by the kingdoms of this age. Nevertheless, […]

Texas Governor’s Upcoming Event Includes Cult Members

Marsha West has put together an excellent post. The many links included offer a well of information.  Personally, I’m glad to finally see someone nail the AFA (American Family Association). The AFA, as well as Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council are NOT Christian organizations. Perhaps one or both were at some point in […]

IHOP & the NAR: The Formation of a Revolution

Herescope has posted a ‘must read’ article, Governor Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally already has support from self-proclaimed prophets and apostles like Cindy Jacobs, Mike Bickle, Che Ahn, Doug Stringer, John Benefiel, and Jay Swallow, and now we can add one of the most prominent leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation to the list […]

American Family Association Embraces “Seven Mountains” Theology

“For the last several decades the Church has operated from a belief that the more Christians we have in culture, the more society would become Christianized. Consequently, evangelism has been the focus of the Church for many decades. However, this premise is flawed. Culture is most defined by the influence of the 7 cultural mountains. […]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Partnering with New Apostolic Groups

Rachel Tabachnick has written an interesting article at Talk2Action. It may seem as though I post a-lot about this phenomena of politicians joining hands with these “prophetic/apostolic” groups, but in the past 2 years it’s been totally fascinating, for me personally, to watch develop. After all it was just 3 years ago that many of […]

Biblical Foreign Policy

Michael Horton has written a very good article, Biblical Foreign Policy. In light of the discussion in the post below (Is the President Inviting a Genesis 12:3 Curse?), sharing it seemed like a good idea. quote.. Last week (May 19, 2011), President Obama created controversy with his statement that any Israeli-Palestinian accord “must begin with […]

My 7 Years Working for the Elijah List

By Kevin Kleint… In The Beginning It’s been about 3 years since I ended my employment with the Elijah List. It started around the year 2000. I was working for Hewlett-Packard and, through the grapevine, I learned of this daily email newsletter that published “prophecies” to around 30,000 people. This was back in the “text-only” days, […]

Can the New Apostles and Prophets Seize Dominion by Political Intermarriage?

Dr. Orrel Steinkamp has written a very good article at Herescope. A few quotes.. “How far into compromise will pastors go to “re-establish” America as a Christian nation? Has that become more important to them than serving the Lord and preaching the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ WITHOUT COMPROMISE? If establishing the lie this kingdom […]

Rick Joyner: Jim Bakker is a Prophet, “Plus”…..

Joyner has recently been in over-drive when it comes to issuing his special video “bulletins”. Not since he used this same venue to routinely defend Todd Bentley and (ultimately) “re” promote Todd’s ministry, do I recall receiving so many email alerts linking to the latest video “bulletin”. The one mentioned below is the latest… Since […]

Dominionism and the 7 Mountain Movement

Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action has put together a very interesting post, The Social Transformation Conference & the 7M Movement The article includes a number of links plus a 5 minute video. Below are a few quotes… On April 1-2, 2011, the Harvard Extension Service and Learning Society will host, at the Harvard Northwest Science Building, the […]

Glenn Beck, New Age Theology and Mormonism

It’s still astounding to think of the number of Christian leaders, Pastors and Authors who have embraced Beck over the last two years, some (even) appearing on his TV program to discuss Bible prophecy!  One of the more recent being evangelical author Joel Rosenberg. This statement by Rev. Richard Land (public policy director for the […]

300: Religious Right Forming It Own Spartan Army

Kyle, at RWW, has come across further information concerning the union forming between dominionist prophets and the religious right. I must say the ‘joining at the hip’ of these two groups has been fascinating to watch unfold. quote.. For months now, we have been chronicling how self-described prophets and apostles have been merging 7 Mountains/Dominionism […]

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