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Why Evangelicals and Catholics Cannot be “Together”

This is a very good article which goes through point by point showing why Evangelicals must not be joined with Catholics.  Its been interesting (and surprising!) to watch what has occurred over the past 35 years. When first coming to Christ my Church preached that Catholics needed the Gospel; over the years evangelizing of Catholics […]


Interesting article and turn of events. It appears an Israeli “think tank” (Molad) has been quietly investigating the influence American Christian Zionist groups have had (and continue to have) on Israeli politics and politicians, and has now published a full report. quote, To many Israelis, the world of Christian Zionism is largely hidden from public view. […]

Why evangelicals should think twice about equating modern Israel with Israel of the Bible

Steve Lumbley (Apostasy Watch) posted this both at Facebook and at his website. I found it very interesting, but that could be because until last year, questions concerning modern-day Israel plagued me. They no longer do, as I can no longer equate the modern State called Israel today, with the Israel of the Bible. The […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast Announces ‘The Duck Commander Faith And Family Bible’

Does this surprise, shock, or stun me…are you kidding! After the recent headline proclaiming ‘papa Duck’ is a ‘bonafide Prophet’ I knew a ‘Duck Bible’ was in the works. Maybe it will be similar to the Scofield Bible and will come with the it’s own personal interpretive notes. Nashville, Tenn. (CBS HOUSTON) – Two members […]

Twisted American Christianity

If you haven’t read Rick’s post at Following Judah’s Lion yet, I hope you will.. Wake up all you who claim to follow Jesus. If you live in America you have been deceived regardless of how pretty and orthodox your paper doctrines may be…. See: The TWISTED AMERICAN BRAND of CHRISTIANITY

Rod Parsley and the ‘Seven Anointings of Passover’

“Keeping in mind that entertainment does not always evoke happiness, this time of year is always an entertaining one in evangelicalism. It’s the time of year when we wonder how many pastors will manage to preach an Easter sermon without actually talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s the time of year when biblically […]

Down the Rabbit-Hole: sidenote

In the earlier post (Down the Rabbit-Hole I Go Again…) in which I expressed a small rant concerning Charisma magazine (a so-called “Christian publication) rejoicing over Judaism having a revival in Russia, I pointed out in one of my comments that we, the Church, should be concerned that so many Christians here in the west […]


Two hours into the new year and I’ve already located what may be the ‘quote of the year’… In a ridiculous article at The Christian Post, ‘Left Behind’ Fans Question Nicolas Cage’s Faith, Wonder About Actual Rapture Before Film’s Release, in which we read of the producer and writer of this fictional film being badgered […]

“Pastor” Chuck Baldwin: The Gospel is not Enough…

According to Baldwin, if your pastor is only offering the Gospel, you need to walk away from your church.   In a day when one is extremely blessed to still be attending a Church where the Gospel is regularly heard and taught…because folks, these churches AND  pastors are disappearing, being replaced by apostate houses of worship […]

Wicked Idolatry

Excellent message by Rick Frueh… In the ever growing pantheon of Christian celebrities and the self serving conferences here is one of which I was unfamiliar. Here is David Jeremiah who many consider a good teacher and orthodox but as you can read held a “celebration” of the publishing of his own “Jeremiah Study Bible”. […]

Prophecy: Another Form of American Entertainment

Excellent post from Rick at Following Judah’s Lion I Pet.4: 7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. One of the most overt manifestation of the hypocrisy and hollow wind within the church is the evangelical construct of studying prophecy. Imagine a family attends a […]

Christian Zionists help settler-farmers take over Palestinian lands

In recent months Benjamin Netanyahu has spent time in the interview chair repeating to the American public that settlements are not responsible for the continuation of the conflict. In turn, the U.S. State Department has merely squeaked that they were “disappointed” when the first of many new settlements tenders were announced during the start of […]

Rantings from “Coach” Dave Daubenmire

Coach Dave Daubenmire, self proclaimed Christian and regular contributor to News With Views, had a few interesting things to recently. Daubenmire: Not Allowing Christians To Bully Gays Is A Form Of Bullying Against Christians “Coach” Dave Daubenmire is back with another rant, this time against bullying; not against the act of bullying, mind you, which he says […]

Todd Bentley to Rick Joyner: It Rained Gold During Our Revival In South Africa

My first response to reading any of these type of reports is to ask why? Why would God “rain gold”, glitter, feathers, etc. And how would this lift up Jesus, draw people to Christ, or even reveal God’s power?  The answer is always the same–it does none of this things. Sadly, all Todd has done […]

Ted Cruz’s Father Believes Son ‘Anointed’ By God as one of the Christian Kings to “Take Dominion”

There have been rumors that Ted Cruz may be one looking to run in the next presidential election. You may want to tuck this bit of information away in your mind in case that happens. Quote, Rafael Cruz proffered a sermon at an Irving, Texas megachurch last year announcing that his son was anointed as […]

Bad News for Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Documentary ‘Mission Congo’ Reignites Diamond Mine Fraud Allegations A documentary scheduled to debut Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival shines a new spotlight on old allegations that televangelist Pat Robertson used money, intended for refugees in Africa, for his own diamond-mining venture. “Mission Congo,” directed by Lara Zizic and David Turner, was […]

Conservative “Christian” Radio Host Mocks Rep. John Lewis By Punctuating His Speech With Gunfire

If its possible to feel anger, sadness, shame, and disgust, all at the same time, that’s how I feel at reading this news item. There’s really nothing more to add…. quote, (source) Like many other conservative hosts, (Fox’s) Laura Ingraham mocked the speeches given on the DC mall to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Martin […]

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