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John MacArthur accused of heresy at his home church

Without knowing all the details, such as who this prophet is, I can’t say much more then, if this be a true word from God to MacArthur, he better take heed. There have been many things John denies as biblical, in which I disagree with him. I have posted about this previously. The only other […]

She Who Rides On The Beast

An important word for the Church in the West; She Who Rides On The Beast

Why evangelicals should think twice about equating modern Israel with Israel of the Bible

Steve Lumbley (Apostasy Watch) posted this both at Facebook and at his website. I found it very interesting, but that could be because until last year, questions concerning modern-day Israel plagued me. They no longer do, as I can no longer equate the modern State called Israel today, with the Israel of the Bible. The […]


Wish I could say this headline shocks me, but it doesn’t.  Religion Dispatches A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that Americans, by a 59-31% margin, believe that CIA “treatment of suspected terrorists” in detention was justified. A plurality deemed that “treatment” to be “torture,” by a 49-38% margin. Remarkably, the gap between torture supporters and opponents widens […]

Twisted American Christianity

If you haven’t read Rick’s post at Following Judah’s Lion yet, I hope you will.. Wake up all you who claim to follow Jesus. If you live in America you have been deceived regardless of how pretty and orthodox your paper doctrines may be…. See: The TWISTED AMERICAN BRAND of CHRISTIANITY

Down the Rabbit-Hole: sidenote

In the earlier post (Down the Rabbit-Hole I Go Again…) in which I expressed a small rant concerning Charisma magazine (a so-called “Christian publication) rejoicing over Judaism having a revival in Russia, I pointed out in one of my comments that we, the Church, should be concerned that so many Christians here in the west […]

Divorce and Christians in America

Interesting article at Talk2Action. Nation Magazine claims the regions that are most obsessed with family values have the highest rates of family breakups. We have heard for years that the rates of divorce among Christians are higher than the rates in the secular world. The article in Nation says, “It looks as if right-wing Christianity […]

The Slow, Steady Decline of Evangelical Christianity

The author who wrote the quote below at the Houston Press, should have read the late Michael Spencer’s (3) part essay, My Prediction: The Coming Evangelical Collapse Just over a decade ago, evangelical Christians were ascendant. After the legwork of Falwell’s Moral Majority and Ralph Reed’s Christian Coalition, an evangelical Christian was in the White House, […]

Is the American Church at the lampstand-removal phase?

See Dan Edelen’s newest post at Cerulean Sanctum; Lord, Purge Your Church

Christian Conferences Exposed

Rick has a good post up. I for one have never understood the need for all these conferences (or, as far as that goes, the numerous “manifesto’s” issued periodically either) that my fellow Christians run to (or in the case of manifesto’s, sign their names to).  To my thinking it’s all a waste of time, […]

Bad News for Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Documentary ‘Mission Congo’ Reignites Diamond Mine Fraud Allegations A documentary scheduled to debut Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival shines a new spotlight on old allegations that televangelist Pat Robertson used money, intended for refugees in Africa, for his own diamond-mining venture. “Mission Congo,” directed by Lara Zizic and David Turner, was […]

Scofield’s Bible: Handbook for Genocide & Re-defining the darkness of fraud, conspiracy and heresy

I’ve been following a series posted at For the Love of His Truth blog and wanted to share the links.  Someone may consider one or both parts already posted to be quite controversial, in fact, one or both may even ruffle some feathers: but I look at controversial Christian messages and studies in this manner: […]

Interesting Question

One commenter posed an interesting question under an article I read today What are “conservatives” conserving anyway? You tell me, what ARE “Christian conservatives” conserving?

The Heartless, Soulless Church

I encourage you to read Rick’s latest post, A 17 year old teenager lay dead from a bullet to his chest. Just moments ago he had been walking home from the convenience store and now he was gone. And almost before his body was cold the conversation began around the nation. Stand your ground, self […]

Funny of the Day

Nothing like a good solid biblical reason, spoken by a minister of the gospel, for “why gay marriage” is wrong… On yesterday’s “Hagee Hotline,” Matthew Hagee warned that legalizing gay marriage would spell “the death of capitalism.” “The only relationship in natural law that can produce consumers,” Hagee declared, “is the relationship between a man […]

The Myth of Christian Persecution

This article, appearing at a widely read news source, does not surprise me at all. And let me tell you why… Simply put the term “Christian persecution” has, in America, become a broad catch·all or catch phrase which now means virtually nothing. For instance, when you have idiots (in the media) continually using the term “Christian […]

The Myopic Evangelical Church

What a sad message. Sad because it’s true.  In 1994, in the space of about 100 days, anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda, Africa. Most Americans do not know that nor do they really care. The genocide went on without much of an interest here in America. The human devastation was […]

North America’s Left Behind History and Influence

American Evangelicalism and the Hebrew Roots Movement

Barth Notes has an interesting article up concerning the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast and Pastor Wiley Drake. You may recall Drake being in the news some time back for his “infamous devotion to “imprecatory prayers” against his political opponents, and his admission that he regularly prays for President Obama’s death” But what caught my attention were […]


Amen Amen!  During the 1950’s the average family began to see some prosperity and had an accepted set of morals and even went to a church. The “Leave it to Beaver” concept was alluring. And when some of us came to faith in Christ we were introduced to a system of do’s and don’ts. We […]

How Did Christians Become Warmongers?

While I’m no big fan of Chuck Baldwin, he does make some valid points in his most recent article, How Did Christians Become Warmongers? Historically, Christians have always attempted to be–and have always publicly taught the importance of being–peacemakers. Have not Christians preached–and tried to practice–love and brotherhood? The early church was born in a […]

The Religious Right Turns 33: What Have We Learned?

Good article by Jonathan Merritt As American Evangelicals have become more partisan, American Christianity has suffered as more shy away from the faith.  Many historians say the modern religious right was birthed in June of 1979. That was the month when the Rev. Jerry Falwell founded the Moral Majority, an organization tasked with saving the […]

Christians Should Not Be Political Pacifists, Says Megachurch Pastor

One guess where this “Mega-Church” pastor said this…. Christians and church leaders should not be passive when it comes to politics or social issues, said author and pastor Robert Jeffress during an interview on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk on Monday.  Continuing on… Jeffress, who is the senior pastor of the 10,000-member First Baptist Church […]

Identity Crisis: More Pastors Sign on to Preach Politics From Pulpit

(Earlier post: Evangelical Pastors heed political call for 2012) This Sunday, more than 400 pastors will be using their pulpits to preach politics and challenge the Internal Revenue Service’s regulations that restrict religious leaders from endorsing candidates and discussing policies with their congregations. Oct. 2 is Pulpit Freedom Sunday, and this year Alliance Defense Fund and […]

Christianity has lost credibility in America

Over-all, Christianity has lost credibility in America. Disagree with me if you will, but I believe it. If it’s not the (religious and/or political) dominionists, who by the way have taken center-stage (Rick Perry’s Army of God) its the delusional, so-called Christians making wild accusations (There’s a Muslim in the White House). One one hand […]

Churches asked to rededicate the nation to God

Tragically, Christians in America today are more concerned with the fruitless efforts of publicly “dedicating America to God”, then they are seeking God for ways in which to heed His command to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…Go ye therefore, and make disciples ”  (Mark 16, Matthew 28).   ChristianPost, Churches across […]

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