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Scott Walker: Would bomb Iran on his first day as president

Interesting, frightening, article. Who are these US citizens who support this? There must be quite a number for this warmonger to be running third in the polls. Huffington Post: Netanyahu and His Marionettes Benjamin Netanyahu is laying siege to the Congress of the United States, not for the first time. He has thrown his voice and […]

Iran’s Khamenei: GOP letter points to U.S. ‘disintegration

Never thought I’d be publicly agreeing with (the) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, but in this instance I believe he is correct. The two fiascos (alone) we have witnessed in Washington DC the past couple weeks prove his point.  ‘Isn’t this the ultimate degree of the collapse of political ethics and the U.S. system’s internal disintegration?’ the Iranian […]

Lindsey Graham to Netanyahu “I’m here to tell you, Mr. Prime Minister, that the Congress will follow your lead”

This latest news article should deeply concern every citizen of the United States of America. As I commented at the source: quote; “I’m here to tell you, Mr. Prime Minister, that the Congress will follow your lead,” Graham said. That statement should not only enrage every US citizen, but frighten the bejeebers out of you. […]

How much of our foreign policy is a subchapter of our Israel policy?

Question asked and answered in this revealing article at Mondoweiss: In the last week, two conversations on television suggest that the idea that the Iraq war was undertaken because of concern for Israel’s security is now conventional wisdom among the chattering classes….. See: Hillary Clinton’s decision to support Iraq war was driven by Israel concern, Chris […]

Ron Paul Calls Out Evangelicals Who Support War

Interesting to read of a politician doing what Church leaders here in America fail to do. quote, Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul claims that evangelical Christians are in the wrong when they support war and other heavy-handed tactics to advance America’s national-security interests. Paul espouses the view that war and strong-arm diplomacy, both part of […]

Warmonger Dick Cheney endorses Israeli strike on Iran

No doubt if Israel hasn’t bombed Iran by the year 2016, and one of those present at this meeting is elected to be our next president, we’ll be sending in our troops as well.  God forgive me, but this this old warmonger makes me sick. Haaretz Republican presidential wannabes and donors respond with laughter, applause […]

Netanyahu Continues Prep for War at Cost of $2.9 Billion

War appears to have been Netanyahu’s objective from the get-go.   From Haaretz Despite talks between Iran and West, senior officers tell MKs 10b shekels ($2.9b) allocated to IDF to prepare for possible attack. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have ordered the army to continue preparing for a possible military strike […]

Netanyahu Rebuts Obama: Wants Military Threats

This man acts more and more like a warmonger. Recently I read that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert claimed Netanyahu has and is, interfering in US politics, Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive quarrel with the Obama administration over the agreement with Iran signed in Geneva endangers Israel, […]

Netanyahu glad deal has fallen through

Reading articles like this (and the one below) over the past few days, leaves me questioning ‘who’ exactly is making America’s foreign policy decisions.   JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his case against a nuclear accord with Iran directly to the U.S. public on Sunday, appearing on American TV to decry “a […]

The Christian Zionist Movement Is in Panic Mode

Another good message from Adam at Pursuing Truth “A smile attack is much better than a lie attack. Mr. Netanyahu and his colleagues have been saying since 1991 – and you can refer to your records – that Iran is six months away from a nuclear weapon. And we are how many years, 22 years […]

Jewish Billionaire: U.S. Should Nuke Iran – How Should Christians Respond?

Below are two connected posts from Soul Refuge, posted today. Please read them… American-Jewish Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Tells Rabbi Shmuley Boteach That The U.S. Should Drop Nuclear Bomb On Iran American-Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson blasted President Obama over negotiations with Tehran, according to an article in the Jerusalem Post. NEW YORK – During a panel […]

Obama’s handling of Syria crisis revives Bibi’s hopes of bombing Iran

Thought about posting this as a comment under the post below, but decided it warranted it’s own spot.  Netanyahu hasn’t said anything publicly, but the consensus here is that the lesson he’s taking from Obama’s refusal to bomb Syria straight away, and instead to turn to Congress for approval, is that the U.S. president can’t […]

How Did Christians Become Warmongers?

While I’m no big fan of Chuck Baldwin, he does make some valid points in his most recent article, How Did Christians Become Warmongers? Historically, Christians have always attempted to be–and have always publicly taught the importance of being–peacemakers. Have not Christians preached–and tried to practice–love and brotherhood? The early church was born in a […]

The People Who Brought You The Iraq War Release A New Ad: Bomb Iran

These folks are scary…  quote, The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) released a new ad today suggesting that the U.S. should immediately bomb Iran. Among those behind the ECI and its ad are the same people who pushed the U.S. into the Iraq war. The ad from ECI, a group which aims to push pro-Israel […]

How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran

You know folks, people are getting crazier by the day. But this guy wins the prize as the ‘nut of the hour’. I say hour for the prize is apt to change hands more then once in any 24 hour time period. From The National Review: He needs a dramatic gesture to change the public […]

“CUFI Sunday”, or How to Ignore Christ and Biblical Christianity

News from the CUFI front. I know this is beating the proverbial dead-horse when posting again, concerning Hagee and his CUFI organization, but every time an article comes my way concerning a new meeting, it is all I can do to restrain myself from yelling at the computer or weeping. Tonight its an article by […]

John Hagee’s seeking new blood..

Lord help this man, and keep our youth away from him. John Hagee appears to get further and further away from the call to preach the Gospel. I received the request posted below in my inbox… its a request for $$ to sponsor a college student so they can attend this summers-Washington D.C. CUFI meeting. […]

Warmonger Rod Parsley, on Islam

This man is as bad as John Hagee: he too has forgotten who it is he is suppose to be serving.  These are not the words of any true Christian today, nor are his words an example of how one who Followed Jesus is portrayed in the New Testament. According to Parsley’s example, Paul should […]

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